Top 5 Butter Chicken in Brampton

Published July 29, 2017 at 11:37 pm

We all know that mom’s homemade butter chicken is actually the best in Brampton (shout out to your mom!), so we went on an adventure to find out which restaurants in Brampton could compare.

Brampton boasts something like 30 restaurants that have butter chicken on the menu. Some of them are upscale Indian restaurants, some are hole-in-the-walls, some serve it over poutine, some stuff it into pie, some make sandwiches with it, and some even put it on pizza. More traditionally, butter chicken is served with naan bread or over rice. Regardless of how it’s served, when it’s done right, butter chicken is a creamy, tomato-y, sweet and spicy bowl of comforting deliciousness. 

We’ve already scoped out the Top 5 Crazy Butter Chicken Dishes in Brampton, so we decided to take the more traditional route this time around.

Here are the top five places to get classic butter chicken in Brampton. 

5) India’s Taste

This gem sits in a plaza at the corner of Mavis and Ray Lawson, and during peak hours, it’s packed. If you’re going for their buffet on a weekend night, you’ll want to arrive early, as spots disappear quickly. As for their butter chicken, India’s Taste serves up a standard, classic version of the dish. The ratio of sweet to spicy is decent but leaning more towards spicy, and there are good sized chunks of chicken throughout. What’s extra awesome about India’s Taste is that their butter chicken is reasonably priced for their quantity and quality – you can get one naan and one serving of butter chicken for about $11. 

On Peter Robertson and Torbram, Sweet Palace has a very tasteful butter chicken dish, delivering on their promise to bring a bazaar or street food vibe to Brampton. There are sizeable chunks of tender chicken in their large serving, but what’s the best about Sweet Palace’s butter chicken is the sauce. The ratio of sweet to spicy is ridiculously on point – it’s sweet and creamy with the perfect kick of spice. If you’re looking for a sweeter butter chicken, Sweet Palace is your spot. Butter chicken from Sweet Palace is about $13. 
The butter chicken at this unassuming joint on County Court and Hurontario is perfect for spice-lovers. On the ratio of sweet to spicy, the dish leans more towards spicy, and the spicy, tomato-heavy sauce goes so, so well with the chicken. There’s a lot of chicken in Standard’s butter chicken, it’s under $10 for butter chicken and naan, and it’s served quickly – so this is a good option if you’re looking for some solid takeout butter chicken. This butter chicken was so good, I almost licked the bowl clean.
Chawla’s serves up a lot of good meat dishes, boasting Indian and Hakka cuisine in a plaza at Hurontario and Steeles. This place has been around since 1960 – in India, that is! The franchise has been thriving at their Canadian location from what I can tell, since it’s usually packed during peak hours, and the space is small so there’s often a 30-40 minute wait if you’re trying to dine in. While the wait is worth it, you can also take your stellar Chawla’s butter chicken to-go if you’re in a rush or you just want to eat it in your pyjamas. This butter chicken is straight up delicious, with a creamy, sweet sauce, and chicken so tender you don’t need a fork or a knife to pull it apart – just a piece of naan. Their butter chicken is about $10, and with naan it’s still under $15. What’s special about Chawla’s is that they ask you what spice level you want – so be prepared to let them know how much you can handle!
Kwality serves the best butter chicken I have ever had, hands down. As soon as I tried it, my life changed, and I knew it would top this list. You can taste the freshness of this butter chicken, the chicken is so tender it falls apart without needing a utensil’s help, and the tomato sauce is creamy, slightly sweet, and spicy all at once. Though it was the most expensive meal on this list, at around $20 for naan and butter chicken, it was so worth the cash. Everything about this butter chicken was on point, even the naan was made just right – fluffy, crunchy, and buttery in all the right places – and all I could think about was when I could come back for another round. Best capped off with a masala chai – delicious!
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