Top 5 Big Portion Restaurants in Mississauga


Sometimes you just want a massive plate of food. Maybe you've been working all day. Maybe you've killed it at the gym. Maybe you just really, really like to eat. Thankfully there are some places in Mississauga where heaping American-style portions are the norm.  If you want a guaranteed food coma, follow us and we'll show you the restos that offer the most generous portions.

Here are the top 5 restaurants that serve the biggest portions in Mississauga:

5 - Muddy Duck

Located just footsteps away from the Toronto border on Dundas is a classic gem that serves homemade comfort food called The Muddy Duck. This place has been around since 1978, so you know they are doing something right. They have a very popular breakfast buffet on the weekends and an Italian buffet every Friday. They also have huge portions. The dish we tried was the Schnitzel a la Duck and you can see by the picture that it was really enough for two people and was absolutely delicious.

4 - Jessie's

Jessie's is located in an industrial plaza at Kennedy and Matheson and boasts huge lunchtime line-ups -- and for good reason. This place has a little bit of everything, from great food to large quantities to great service and good prices. All four are hard to find. When you first walk in, you'll see a chalkboard that shows all the specials and the special that stuck out was the beef brisket on a bun. You can also find a smoked meat sandwich. You watch that meat being sliced and put on rye right in front of your eyes. You can also watch them prepare the most popular dish on the chalkboard menu: the chicken Souvlaki dinner. Two pieces of advice: get there a little before noon to avoid the lunch rush and bring cash, as this place does not accept debit or credit. Enjoy and you're welcome!

3. Zet's Restaurant

This 24-hour joint serves almost everything from breakfast to burgers, but it's known for its Greek food. I ordered the pork Souvlaki and it boasted the biggest chunks of pork I have ever seen in the pork Souvlaki world. The full menu includes a variety of possibilities to satisfy any diner’s needs, ranging from steak on a Kaiser to fish and chips to steak dinners to banquet burgers and chicken.

2 - Captain Robin’s

Located in the heart of Port Credit beside the corner Starbucks is Captain Robin’s Family Restaurant. If breakfasts of gigantic portions are your thing, this place is for you. Captain Robin’s has all the classic breakfast dishes with fun local names like the "Port Credit Breakfast Platter," which consists of two pancakes, four large eggs, a double serving of their famous hash browns and Texas toast. The Country Style Skillet (as seen in the cover shot above) comes with their famous hash browns, bacon, ham, sausage and back bacon and is topped with scrambled eggs, a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese and hollandaise sauce. The caramelized onions intertwined with the shoestring hash browns makes them some of the best hash browns in the city. And don't worry if you want dinner -- they have some huge night-time entrees as well.

1 - Peter's On Eglinton

Located on the corner of Eglinton and Tomken is a place that you've passed by hundreds of times called Peter's on Eglinton. I ordered the Souvlaki Dinner and the server actually warned me about the dish's size and asked if I was sure. It's so big they had to make a Souvlaki Dinner Junior, which is still bigger than most normal dishes found at other restaurants. A quick scan of this place suggests it's geared towards a more mature, sophisticated crowd. It's very nice inside with a lot of attention to detail in the interior design. As for my daring dinner, I couldn't believe size of it and the plate weighed about 10 pounds. It came with two knives, two tzatziki sauces, half a tomato, a full potato and three pounds of meat. It tasted good, in case you were wondering.  

Top 5 Big Portion Restaurants in Mississauga

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