Top 5 Bakeries in Brampton

Published November 2, 2016 at 3:49 am

I love sweets. In fact, I love sweets so much my doctor said if I don’t lay off the pudding, I am going to be pre-diabetic like Rob Kardashian minus Blac Chyna! With my sweet tooth in full force, I hit up Brampton looking for some great bakeries and man, do we have some gems. Please find the top five bakeries in Brampton.

5. The Grainery 

Here is the deal, I am a sweet guy (not a savory guy) so that is why this place is not higher up the list. If you are looking for some of the most amazing home baked breads you have ever had in your life, hit this spot up. This place has some of the best rye this side of Thornhill (shout out to my Jewish fam holding it down)! Also, stop by for lunch for a bowl of homemade soup or a sandwich made from that bread I keep on raving about. This place is a real gem in Btown!4. Molisana Bakery

Ahhhhh does anything smell better than the Italian bakery with the scent of fresh bread, authentic Italian pizza and tiramisu? Nawwww, nothing does. Good news: you do not have to make some plan to see your Italian friend from Woodbridge to get authentic Italian bakery fare, Molisana is here in Btown and has everything to satisfy your inner Woodbridge tastebuds.

3. La Cakery

All right, now we are talking serious sweets. I mean, we are talking pastries stuffed with Nutella! We are talking delicious/fresh macarons. YOU HEAR THAT BTOWN!?!?!?!–MACARONS! For all your sweet tooth needs, this is the spot for you! I honestly ate six macarons last time I was there and like five Nutella rolls. Man, if I keep going here, they will have to grease up the doorway to get me out the front door!

2. Rashmi Bakery

This place specializes in 100 per cent vegetarian cakes and Vegan orders upon request. All cakes are 100 per cent eggless and NUT FREE! These guys are in serious demand and have earned a very favorable reputation because these eggless/nut free cakes are super moist and delicious. In fact, my sister is a major hipster who lives in Parkdale, drinks craft beer or Pabst Blue Ribbon and has a boyfriend with a massive beard. She has a peanut allergy and her and her crew come to this joint to get their cakes. A truly amazing spot!

1. Traditional Taste Bakery and Café

As good old JR would say “BAH GOD” this place is good. From the amazing custard tarts, sweets, cod cakes, and fresh bread this is the best bakery in Btown. None of the baked goods are brought in, as you can see the employees in the back baking and frying the Portuguese deliciousness. Do yourself a favour and go here right now! Go here with your crew, grab a dozen cod cakes, half a dozen custard tarts and watch the match between Lisbon and Benifica on the big screen.

What’s your favourite bakery in Brampton?


  1. Traditional Taste Bakery & Cafe
  2. Rashmi’s Bakery
  3. la Cakery
  4. Molisana Bakery
  5. Grainery Bakery & Deli
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