Top 5 Bagel & Lox in Mississauga

Published October 5, 2016 at 2:52 pm


Bagel & lox is a traditional breakfast plate that features a toasted bagel (usually pumpernickel) cream cheese, lox (a type of cured salmon that is rare, smoked salmon is often used in its place) red onion and capers.

If you have never tried eating bagel & lox before, I highly recommend this culinary adventure. To me, bagel & lox embodies the essence of a gourmet, pseudo-healthy breakfast. I mean, it’s not your typical greasy breakfast, so it’s pretty healthy, right? I think so. At least that’s what I tell myself when I see my friends chowing down happily on their syrup covered french toast, buttermilk pancakes and crisp, fried bacon. I scoff at their plebeian meals and say, ‘ha! I have a dish that is light, healthy and delicious!’ (I take great pleasure in giving my friends a hard time). While a greasy breakfast may be good after a fun night out at the bar, bagel & lox will almost always be my preferred choice for my every day breakfasts.  

So for all those who are looking to try something new or eat something healthy-ish and delightful, here are the top five places to get Bagel & Lox in Mississauga:

5. The Bagel House  

Located a couple blocks east of Hurontario on Lakeshore Rd, The Bagel House is a good spot to enjoy a bagel & lox. The shop is quiet and small and boasts a cafeteria-style ordering and seating system. If you want a quick bite, it’s great. That said, it’s also an ideal place to spend some time sipping coffee, quietly reading a newspaper or people watching. The shop carries several to-go items, so if you want to make your own bagel & lox at home, you can purchase the smoked salmon and cream cheese here. The store’s bagel & lox was traditional, comprised of pumpernickel, salmon, cream cheese and capers. Simple and complete.  

4. The Muddy Duck

The Muddy Duck is a family-diner style eatery on the east side of Mississauga.  It’s casual, spacious environment is perfect for a weekday lunch if you can find a moment to sneak away from work.  The servers were attentive, quick and very accommodating; if you need to be out of there in a jiff, they will do their best to make that happen while still giving you an enjoyable dining experience. The restaurant boasts several different lunch options, including a “smoked salmon sandwich” – this meal was essentially the same as a traditional bagel & lox, sans capers and with a few extras (pickles, tomatoes and lettuce).  If you’ve never tried this tasty treat before, this may be a good sandwich to ease your way into trying a true bagel & lox.  I appreciated the sides they offered as part of the meal: veggie sticks and fruit salad.  If the meal sounds appealing, make sure you head to this spot on a weekday lunch, because you won’t find the smoked salmon on their breakfast or weekend brunch menus.  

3. Glenerin Inn & Spa

The Glenerin Inn & Spa is a beautifully restored historic estate in west Mississauga.  Located on the Collegeway just east of Erin Mills Parkway, it is a breathtaking property with a lot to offer.  As you approach the grounds, you will wonder at its stone facade; its old world charm is such a rarity in the heart of the city. The interior of the Inn is equally spectacular. The restored vaulted ceilings seamlessly blend old with new. The bagel & lox itself was quite enjoyable. This location offered a more traditional style: open faced and served on a wholewheat bagel. While it came pre-assembled, there were additional “toppings” – capers and red onions – so that you could personalize your meal.  The meal was garnished with cut strawberries and orange slices, which added to its strong presentation and offered a small sweet treat at the end.  I thoroughly enjoyed this relaxed meal, the very attentive service and the charm of the facility.  If you have never been to the Glenerin Inn, I highly recommend making a reservation, even if just to see the property in all of its glory.  

2. What a Great Bagel

Prior to the search for the top bagel & lox locations in Mississauga, I had never been to What a Great Bagel.  I was, however, most astonished with this location.  Based on the store’s website, I went in expecting a simple sandwich place; what I found was much more.  The store is a full-on bakery with some unique features. First, it offers a full on deli counter stocked with authentic european cured meats.  Besides that, there were a lot of different options for bread loafs (equal in selection to any grocery store bakery) and some rare and delicious bagel options: purple wheat or white-chocolate cranberry, need I say more? It took a lot of willpower not to leave with a mountain of freshly baked bagels; I may not be so lucky next time I visit. This location is more of a “greasy spoon” styled eatery, so if you’re not okay with an unpolished interior, this may not be the best place for you.  That being said, it was the most affordable of all the bagel & lox that I encountered.  Spending just over $5 to have a customizable option is unusual (and a treat!). If you’re in the Dixie and Dundas area and looking for a quick bite, this is the ideal spot to find great eats at an affordable price.


1. Buka Maranga Cafe and Catering

Located on Millcreek Drive in northwest Mississauga, Buka Maranga Cafe and Catering
is the top spot to eat bagel & lox. Whenever I find myself at Buka Maranga, I always savour the kontiki theme.  Even in the heart of a rough winter, the burlap printed tables, vibrant look and basket plates help create a  warm, relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a tropical beach cafe. What I love most about Buka Maranga is that the food is so customizable.  You choose your freshly made bagel: plain, poppy or pumpernickel, to name a few.  You choose your cream-cheese spread (plain, bacon, or – if you’re like me and don’t care if your friends or significant other complains about your stink breath – dill and garlic). You can even customize how you want the sandwich made – open face, closed, the amount of red-onion and capers and so on.  The food is made quickly in a cafeteria-style setting, so you could easily do takeout on your way to work or drop in for lunch.  On the other hand, if you’re looking to eat in with some friends, you can rest assured that whoever you make the trip with will be satisfied, as the menu is extensive: greasy food, healthy food – they have it all.  Buka Maranga is a unique, fun eating experience, a treasure in northwest Mississauga.

  1. Buka Maranga Cafe and Catering
  2. What A Great Bagel
  3. The Glenerin Inn
  4. Muddy Duck Restaurant
  5. The Bagel House
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