Top 5 Avocado Toast in Mississauga

Published August 22, 2019 at 8:09 pm


Popularized by the millennial generation, avocado toast generally consists of a base bread that has been toasted, avocado—often smashed—and an assortment of other accompaniments.  These accompaniments enhance the dish and are tailored to the artistic vision held by the restaurant in which it is served. Though it is considered by many to be basic, avocado toast has become a staple meal in a variety of restaurants. Indeed, much like the famous English breakfast, avocado toast is a go to dish that demonstrates the culinary prowess it takes for a chef to transform something simple into something extraordinary. It was pleasant to find several restaurants in Mississauga which served up their own version of the new classic breakfast.  

Without further hesitation, here are the top 5 avocado toast experiences in Mississauga:  

5) The Wilcox Gastropub 

Located at the corner of Hurontario and Eglinton, you will find the Wilcox Gastropub. The Wilcox has long been home to a more experimental menu, serving up creative options you will not find in any run-of-the-mill type restaurant (bone marrow, lobster poutine, korean lasagne— need I say more?) Visit them for weekend brunch and you will be able to try their avocado toast, served on a light and fluffy focaccia. With its cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and ricotta cheese, this dish has a fresh taste. For quality food with a modern flair, visit the Wilcox.  

4) The Cold Pressery 

No stranger to Insauga’s Top 5s, the Cold Pressery is a vegan restaurant that is famous for its reasonably priced, health-conscious eats and well-loved coffee. Located at Hurontario and Rathburn, “the Presser” has been impressing residents for years.  The avocado toast is simple yet satisfying, with sprouts and roasted tomatoes. For the low price point of just $4.75, this option sure beats any comparably priced takeout in the city. For a quick and healthy-esque eat at a reasonable price, try the Cold Pressery to satiate your avocado toast needs. 

3) Kage Nikkei Restobar

Kage is a breath of fresh air in Mississauga. Having lived in this city most of my life (I will not be revealing my age, how dare you!) and having traveled a fair bit, I am completely content to say that this city has a lot of diversity which leads to a very rich food culture, even by international standards. And still, there is something that I believe that Mississauga definitely lacks in the food scene—or, at least, is just starting to emerge: devotion to artistic presentation. Kage has arrived on the scene to satisfy the need for visual appeal. Their Japanese-Peruvian fusion is unusual, but surprisingly complimentary. What’s more, their experimental vibe embodies their commitment to improving the art of cooking. Their avocado toast was more subtle than you’d expect for a restaurant so bold.  If you are looking for an upscale experience that has something for everyone, Kage’s brunch is sure to please. 

2) Buka Maranga

Located by Millcreek and Erin Mills parkway, Buka Maranga is a must try for all your breakfast and lunch needs. A hotspot for locals and working lunch-time restaurant goers, Buka Maranga is one trendy-casual spot, specializing in whatever is served on a bagel. I was pleasantly surprised with my avocado toast, which seemed beautifully put together in the short time it took to reach the table. It had pickled onions that gave a crisp twist to the millennial classic. It was fresh and light, even when served on one of their famous bagels. Our meal was quick and delightful, the service was all smiles. For a quick-casual eatery that knows what it’s doing, check out Buka Maranga. 

1) Capra’s Kitchen

Capra’s Hipster Toast is, to me, hands down the winner in this category. Imagine this: multi-grain bread, citricy and creamy avocado, salty smoked salmon, capers, whipped ricotta, and all topped up with an egg, sunny side up. Capra’s avocado toast has a bit of everything and comes together in perfect harmony on your palate. If you are looking for a place with elegance and downright delicious food, Capra’s kitchen is sure to please. If you’re an experienced avocado toast eater or if you’re itching to see what all the fuss is about, the Hipster Toast will undoubtedly provide instantaneous clarity.

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