Top 5 Annoying People in Mississauga


Mississauga is an amazing, diverse city with a massive and growing population. While that’s a good thing, it also comes with its fair share of annoying individuals.  As such, please find the top five annoying people in Mississauga.

5. Ms/Mr. Snot Rocket: 

On what planet is it acceptable to do this? I have travelled the earth extensively and I know for a fact that blowing snot out of your nose onto the ground is not appropriate anywhere in the world. As such, the question remains, why do it the parking lot at Square One!?! 

4. Mr. I-Clip-My-Nails-in-Public:

I don't care whether you are at work, on the bus, at Square One or on your front lawn. Clipping your finger/toe nails in public is SHOCKING and DISGUSTING! 

3. Mr. Subwoofer:

It's Wednesday afternoon and you are on your way home from a hard day at the office. Your head is already pounding because your boss is a jerk and your coworkers are idiots. You pull up to Highway 10 and the Queensway and you’re pumped that you’re just about home.  But wait, what is that noise?!?! It's Mr. Cool Guy in his 2009 Honda Accord, blasting Trapp Queen at volume 10000000! Sadly, he can't see your anger through the boxing gloves hanging from his rear view mirror.

2. Mr. I-Park-On-My-Lawn: 

So, you just purchased your dream home in Mississauga. You forked over a small down payment and now you have $675 000 to pay off over the next 30 years.  You wake up on that inaugural morning in your new home and notice Friar Tuck next door decided to park his 2001 Corolla on the front lawn.  Your nicely manicured grass is overshadowed by your neighbour’s rust bucket and he couldn’t care less!

1. Ms. I-Take-Shopping-Carts-Home: 

Newsflash! Your 25 cent deposit at No Frills or using a cart in Wal-Mart does not give you the right to take that shopping cart to your condo.  I know it's difficult to haul 10 bags across Eglinton or Burnhamthorpe with a kid in tow and no car, but that 25 cent deposit is just that —  A DEPOSIT! It does not mean you have purchased the cart. Buy a grocery pull cart from any supermarket and use that instead of stealing. And the worst thing is they just leave it on the side of the road or even worse your condo hallway thinking the Wal-Mart kid is going to pick it up!





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