Top 5 All You Can Eat Sushi Joints in Mississauga


Published October 15, 2014 at 4:08 am


Gone are the days of production line dishs, uninspired plating and soya sauce-stained paper menus with check box items for all you can eat sushi. Now, most all you can eat sushi joints have a modern nightclub aesthetic to them. Some are state of the art and even carry iPad menus. If there was ever a segment in the restaurant industry where an iPad menu system would be the most efficient, it would be this one.

Questions such as “did I get everything I ordered?” and “What did I order again?” would be a thing of the past. Every all you can eat place should have this system.

And the plating  at most of these places can be compared to some of the best a la carte Japanese joints and the sushi actually tastes………good! 

Here are the top 5 all you can eat sushi joints in Mississauga:

5 – Moon Sushi

Located just north of Clarkson in a strip plaza north of the QEW on Erin Mills Parkway is the newest entry into the top 5 AYCE category called Moon Sushi. The resto is deceptively cozy and looks a little grander from the outside, but who cares as long as you get a seat. They boast an old school pen and paper ordering system and standout service, and service in an all-you-can-eat system is key when you want to wolf down as much sushi and tempura as possible while receiving accurate orders. The food was very flavourful and delicious as well. 

4 – K&B Sushi

While Mississauga has a ton of tasty AYCE Japanese joints, there’s always room for one more. When well-known (and for many, well-loved) AYCE joint Sushi Sushi shuttered its doors, some locals fretted over what would take the hot spot’s place. Fortunately for sushi aficionados, AYCE resto K&B Sushi recently set up shop in Sushi Sushi’s old Millcreek Drive location. K&B, which currently operates two other GTA locations–one in Oakville and the other in Etobicoke–offers a decadent mix of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai cuisine. Like other tech-savvy AYCE joints, it utilizes an ultra-convenient iPad ordering system. In terms of the Mississauga menu, the resto offers sushi, sashimi, maki and hand rolls, tempura, sushi pizza, chicken katsu, udon, soba and donburi dishes.

3 – Sushi 168

This place is an ultra modern looking restaurant and a very popular spot for all you can eat Sushi in Mississauga. I was there on a Thursday night and this place was packed. Even though this place was rammed, the service was still friendly and efficient.  Sushi 168 has a great selection of all you can eat food from sushi and sashimi to dim sum. This place also has the iPad menu system that is awesome when ordering but is kind of awkward when you are not using it, as there is no stand for it and takes up much needed table room.

2 – Kanda Sushi

This is one of the best hidden gems in Mississauga for both AYCE and a la carte dishes. Kanda Sushi is located by Trillium, so you will notice that a lot of people from the hospital frequent this joint. The interior suggests the resto might have been a night club at one point, with a sunken middle section that’s unusual in most restaurants. The food and the presentation of the food is always on point. The sushi is always fresh, the shrimp tempura is always crispy and the sashimi, served on lighted ice, is fantastic. In terms of vegetarian options, they offer a ton of meatless rolls — more than most AYCE sushi places, to say the least.

1) Heart Sushi

Heart Sushi, one of the city’s best known AYCE joints, previously had two Mississauga locations: Heart Sushi Heartland and Heart Sushi Sandalwood Square (which had to close down due to a fire). Heart Sushi is clean and ultra modern looking with great service. Like other tech-savvy AYCE places, they have an iPad menu system that’s cleverly placed on a stand at your table so you are not fumbling around with it. The thing that impresses us the most is the presentation of the dishes and the actual quality of the food. This place is a perfect combo of atmosphere, quality and service. 

  1. Heart Sushi – Heartland
  2. Kanda Sushi Japanese Buffet
  3. 168 Sushi Japan Buffet
  4. K&B Sushi
  5. Moon Sushi
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