Top 10 movies streamed on Netflix Canada in March 2024


Published March 31, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Top 10 Netflix Canada movies streamed in March 2024

Are you spending this Easter Sunday with family and friends but finding yourself scrolling through Netflix, overwhelmed by choices and unable to decide what to watch?

Netflix simplifies the decision with its weekly list of the top 10 trending movies in Canada and around the world, based on the previous week’s views.

These rankings are determined by the total hours watched divided by the movie’s runtime, offering a snapshot of what’s currently popular.

Globally, Netflix curates Top 10 lists for nearly 100 countries and territories, ensuring viewers can find the most viewed titles in their region.

Here’s what Canada has been watching from March 25 to March 31, 2024.


Year: 2024

Genre(s): Action, Bollywood

Synopsis: A daring squadron leader and his team of top fighter pilots confront life-threatening risks and personal challenges as they come together for a critical mission.

Weeks in top 10: One

#9—The Founder

Year: 2016

Genre(s): Drama

Synopsis: Following a pivotal meeting with the McDonald brothers, salesman Ray Kroc becomes inspired to revolutionize the hamburger-making and selling process.

Weeks in top 10: One

#8—The Rewrite

Year: 2014

Genre(s): Comedy, romance

Synopsis: An Oscar-winning screenwriter, grappling with debt, divorce, and writer’s block, takes a college teaching position and discovers love

Weeks in top 10: One

#7—The Nut Job

Year: 2014

Genre(s): Animation, Kids

Synopsis: After being banished from the park for his bad temper, Surly the squirrel devises a scheme to steal from Maury’s Nut Shop to prepare for winter.

Weeks in top 10: One


Year: 2016

Genre(s): Action

Synopsis: To thwart a terrorist scheme, the government transfers the memories and abilities of a deceased CIA agent into a death row inmate, leading to an emotional transformation.

Weeks in top 10: One

#5—Ford v. Ferrari

Year: 2019

Genre(s): Drama

Synopsis: U.S. car designer Carroll Shelby and racer Ken Miles join forces to challenge Enzo Ferrari’s dominance at Le Mans in this Oscar-winning film.

Weeks in top 10: Two


Year: 2024

Genre(s): Fantasy

Synopsis: A young woman’s fairy-tale marriage to a prince becomes a battle for survival when she is chosen as a sacrifice to a fire-breathing dragon.

Weeks in top 10: Three

#3—Black Adam

Year: 2022

Genre(s): Action

Synopsis: Upon being liberated from his enchanted captivity, a champion wielding the powers of the gods navigates the boundary between righteousness and malevolence, with the Justice Society trying to control him.

Weeks in top 10: Two


Year: 2007

Genre(s): Action

Synopsis: A skilled sniper is drawn out of retirement by peers seeking his assistance to thwart an assassination plot against the president.

Weeks in top 10: One

#1—Irish Wish

Year: 2024

Genre(s): Romance

Synopsis: Just days before her dream man is set to marry her best friend, Maddie’s wish for true love on an ancient Irish stone magically changes her destiny.

Weeks in top 10: Two


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