Tips on how to care for trees on or near a property in Milton


Published June 21, 2022 at 11:17 am

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As the temperatures continue rising, the Town of Milton has issued tips on how residents can properly care for the trees on or near their properties.

In order for them to flourish, trees, particularly young street trees, need intermittent deep watering during long periods of dry weather.

When first planted, young trees require more water and care to ensure that they are able to grow and thrive in their first few years after being planted.

Here are a few things residents can do to care for the trees on or near their properties this summer.

It’s important to water trees twice per week during periods with little or no rain and water them less frequently when the weather is cooler.

If leaves on a tree begin to turn yellow, this may be an indication that it has gotten too much water.

It’s also crucial to first identify your tree and conduct research on how much water it needs.

In terms of soil, residents should avoid adding too much mulch to the base of their trees, which can cause the trunk to decay which in turn could cause the tree to die.

When adding mulch, residents should use an organic mulch of shredded bark or wood chips to retain soil moisture, moderate soil temperatures and reduce competition from grass and weeds.

A layer of 5-10 cm of mulch should be added over the entire root area, while keeping the root collar area generally clear with a very thin layer of mulch.

It’s also important to avoid creating a “volcano” of mulch at the base of the tree or adding stones, pavers or bricks around the tree, as these activities could lead to tree stress and potentially cause the tree to die.

In terms of tree stakes, they are only required to support trees for two full growing seasons.
After this point, stakes should be removed to let the tree continue to grow.
Residents are reminded that the Town will remove stakes from trees on Milton properties if they feel that they have been left on a young tree for too long.
If this is the case, they are encouraged to contact the Town so they can add it to their stake removal programme.
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