Tim Hortons Releases New Promo Video Featuring Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia


Tim Hortons has released a new promo video featuring Toronto Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia that happens to own Mississauga Hyundai.

Bhatia has been named the Raptors Superfan because he has been at EVERY Raptors game since the team was first founded. That’s 24 years!

As the world’s eyes are on the Raptors in the NBA Finals, Bhatia has also become much more famous as the team’s superfan.

The Tim Hortons promotional video Courtside Seat A12, (Named after the seat Bhatia frequents) features him talking about what the world sees in that seat. 

He says people may see many things when they look at him like ‘an Indian, Canadian, or a Turban,’ but he goes on to say he hopes what they see is diversity, loyalty and “why Canada is so special.”

Tim Hortons has been a partner of the Raptors since 1999, so it makes sense with the team in the Finals they would want to feature the teams biggest fan.

Bhatia was a trained engineer when he immigrated to Canada in 1984. When he couldn’t find a job in his field, he took a job at Rexdale Hyundai, where he sold 127 cars in just three months, set a record that still stands unbeaten in the company and made him the top Hyundai salesperson in the country.

Now, Bhatia owns both Mississauga and Rexdale Hyundai and employes over 180 people.

Cover photo courtesy of Tim Hortons YouTube

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