Thorold the latest to ban parked cars from streets during snowstorms


Published February 8, 2023 at 3:01 pm

Thorold has now joined an increasing number of Niagara municipalities who have banned cars from being left parked on the streets during a snowstorm.

“Designed to improve the safety and efficiency of snow clearing measures during a winter weather event,” the city just introduced an on-street parking ban as part of its updated winter maintenance program.

“The safety of the City of Thorold residents is our number one priority,” says Thorold Mayor Terry Ugulini. “Our updated winter maintenance program enables our crews to more effectively navigate roadways during a winter snow event, resulting in safer driving conditions for residents after snow clearing measures have taken place.”

 The city’s Public Works department is pointing out that when a snowplow is forced to go around a parked vehicle during a winter weather event, an embankment of snow is left behind, creating difficulty for drivers to navigate after snow clearing measures have taken place.

To correct the situation, the City just introduced an on-street parking ban, which may be declared “when a winter weather event occurs.”

If declared, vehicles must be removed from all roadways and kept off the road until the ban is lifted. Residents can move their vehicles to the apron of their driveway, so long as they aren’t blocking the sidewalk, ask their neighbour to park in their driveway, or move their vehicle to a public parking lot.

During a winter weather event, our public works department aims to provide winter maintenance services to 300 lane-kilometers of roads and certain sections of sidewalks in a safe and timely manner,” says Thorold CAO Manoj Dilwaria.

“Residents are encouraged to follow the City of Thorold’s social media accounts and subscribe to the emergency alert banner on our website to receive the most updated information during a winter weather event, including whether an on-street parking ban is declared or lifted.”

Parking on the roadway during an on-street parking ban is a violation of city bylaw and will likely result in being fined.

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