This week’s weather will be warm, rainy with sunny breaks for southern Ontario


Published May 12, 2024 at 7:55 pm

warm, hot, temperatures, rain and sunshine, southern Ontario.

It looks like warm weather will continue, but southern Ontario should brace for another week of steady rain and occasional sunshine.

As of today (May 12), it will be a slightly cloudy day with daytime temperatures sitting at 18 C. As the day continues, the skies will gradually become cloudier. Temperatures are expected to slip to a cool 10 C by the evening. There is also a 60 per cent chance of a thunderstorm late in the night that could carry into the next morning.

Monday will begin on a grey and cloudy note with a 60 per cent chance of rain that may lead to a thunderstorm. It could be a windy morning with wind speeds reaching up to 50 km/h from the southwest before easing later in the day. Temperatures will hit 23 C, making it one of the hottest days compared to the week. Evening skies will stay cloudy, with a 60 per cent chance of additional rain and a possibility for another thunderstorm. Temperatures will drop to 12 C.

Tuesday is going to be another predominately damp and cloudy day. Temperatures will rise to 16 C while there is a 60 per cent chance of rain throughout the day. By the evening, it will get much cooler as temperatures are expected to fall to 8 C. There is also 40 per cent chance that rain will return.

Sunshine will grace the skies on Wednesday with no clouds in sight! Temperatures will heat up to a pleasant 22 C. Evening temperatures will mellow down 11 degrees to 8 C, under clear skies.

Another bright and sunny day is on the horizon for Wednesday. Temperatures will soar to 23 C. Though the cloudy periods are set to return in the evening, it will still be a warm night with temperatures dipping to 12 C.

If you plan on heading outdoors for some fun activities or running errands, Wednesday and Thursday might be the best-looking days.

On Friday, rain settles in with mainly cloudy skies. Temperatures will hover around 21 C. By the evening, temperatures will reach a low of 12 C with 40 per cent overnight rain.

According to Environment Canada, Saturday will be mainly sunny with cloudy periods. Temperatures will climb to 21 C. Brisk winds could also pick up to 36 km/h and stay throughout the day. Evening temperatures will drop to 13 C.

If you’re curious about the weather for the upcoming week (May 19), it looks like it won’t be as warm  with temperatures ranging from 18 C to 20 C. The good news is that the forecast suggests a single rainy day, while the remainder of the week is anticipated to bring abundant sunshine!

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