This Gym Facility in Mississauga is Unlike Any Other

Published January 2, 2019 at 2:28 pm


Now that it’s almost year-end, you’ve probably been thinking a lot about your list of New Year’s resolutions. And whether you want to admit it or not, going to the gym more often, or starting to, is probably somewhere on that list.

No shame, there’s nothing wrong with making healthy changes.

Unfortunately, the ever-so-common resolution of going to the gym tends to get forgotten often by the time February rolls around.

There is however a gym facility conveniently located in Mississauga that will keep you on track and make you wish you started working out long before the New Year.

This facility, FreeRun Inc., located at 6593 Kitimat Rd., Unit 2, offers adapted training in a small group format. FreeRun provides clients with a unique training facility that consists of an obstacle training course, American Ninja truss system, and a warp wall, in addition to a functional training floor.

FreeRun came to be what it is today after the owner, Lena Gallagher, mentioned to her husband that there should be a place where people can train for Tough Mudder – an intense 10 to 12-mile obstacle course that tests the physical and mental strength of participants.

“Imagine there was an indoor place to train for Tough Mudder,” Gallagher said in conversation with her husband.

“That became the seed for it all,” Gallagher says.

Gallagher continued to explain the goal of FreeRun is to go beyond what the typical gym provides.

“My husband and I were working with a personal trainer (PT) out of a big box gym with a lot of fancy equipment,” Gallagher says.

“However, whilst all the fancy equipment was great, there were limitations in terms of how far you could take your training to prepare you for an obstacle course run.

FreeRun works to go beyond these limitations.

Immediately after walking in, there are noticeable differences between FreeRun and a regular gym. Gallagher notes that these main differences are the obstacle training courses and the American Ninja truss system.

Although, as highlighted by Gallagher, more than anything, it’s the services that FreeRun provides that makes the place unique.  The core of what FreeRun offers is personal training but in a group format (i.e. classes). In addition to the 35 classes run throughout the week, FreeRun also has programs like the ninja school for kids, and an obstacle course racing camp.

The classes that are offered at FreeRun fall into three main categories: strength, stamina, and specialized.

According to Gallagher, strength classes are exactly what you would expect them to be like. Personal trainers will help clients work on the foundation of their muscular and skeletal structure, as well as focusing on a combination of workouts that isolate muscle groups. Strength classes are broken down into upper and lower body days.

The purpose of the stamina classes at FreeRun is to get your heart rate up.

In the specialized classes, clients can work on obstacle training, the ninja rig and even boxing.

“This is where everything you’ve trained for in the strength and stamina classes are brought together,” Gallagher says.

If the idea of running obstacle courses and getting into something called a ‘ninja rig’ makes you a little bit worried fear not because FreeRun also has all the equipment you would usually find in a gym.

“We have typical equipment like dumbbells, barbells, racks, benches, kettlebells, assault bikes, rowers, etc.,” Gallagher says.

“Then we have the not so typical equipment, sandbags, tractor tires, kegs, Bulgarian bags, maces, S-drives (self-powered machines that mimic parachute sprints or sled pushes), etc.”

There is something for any type of workout.

Gallagher refers to her fitness facility as an inclusive place that anyone can come to. She explains that there is no specific clientele at FreeRun, and that anyone from any walk of life can enjoy the facility. FreeRun, according to Gallagher, is also an incredibly hospitable place which is key since support is a big aspect when it comes to working out.

“The community has become almost tribal in nature,” Gallagher says.

“The members are very supportive and welcoming and it’s something I’m extremely proud of. Our people genuinely care.”

Another big aspect of working out is knowledge, and sometimes the amount of knowledge and information about fitness and health can be very overwhelming. This is also something that FreeRun helps people tackle.

“We work on empowering people with the knowledge but then take it one step further and help them use that wisdom for themselves as they evolve throughout their life,” Gallagher says.

“Fitness and health are lifelong processes.”

So, what are you waiting for? Try out FreeRun today!

If you want to see what this facility has to offer, FreeRun is hosting an open house on Feb. 23, 2019, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. At this open house, those who are interested can partake in free full hour classes (stamina and obstacle).

The first class will start at 9 a.m. and the last class will start at 1 p.m.

Each class will begin with a 10-minute introduction and warm up, followed by a 30-minute express workout, a 15-minute cooldown, a question and answer session. All classes will end with free play time in the facility.

Everyone who comes out to the open house is entitled to a free week. The facility will also be giving away prizes you won’t want to miss out on (including free memberships).

Click here to reserve your spot at this free event.

For more information about the facility, visit the official FreeRun website here.

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