This App Will Match You to a Partner Who Hates The Same Things You Do

Published February 13, 2018 at 9:35 pm


It can be hard to find love in Mississauga. You’ve swiped through Tinder, you’ve played with Bumble, you’ve even sat at coffee shops and browsed Chapters hoping you’d lock eyes with your future boo, but no luck! Here’s an interesting and low-key hilarious (depending on how you look at it) app you might want to try next.

If finding things that you and your potential partner both like is too hard, maybe it’s time to find something you both hate. The question is – would you try an app that matches you to a partner based on something you mutually hate?

Founded in 2016 by ex-Goldman Sachs banker and current comedian and entrepreneur Brendan Alper, and officially launched in February 2017, Hater is an app where you can meet someone who hates the same things you do — from cargo shorts, to vegan food, to Beyonce, to cleaning, to crocs, to bullies, to friends that ask you to help them move, and beyond. 

The over 4,000 things you can hate on the app range from ridiculous, to actually kind of rational.

“We’ve replaced cumbersome surveys and bios with a fun, alternative way to express your personality,” says Hater’s website.

Some of the things we hate change with age, according to data from Hater. The older people get, the more they seem to hate Guy Fieri and like wasabi, for example.

Alper actually appeared on the popular entrepreneurship reality show Shark Tank to try and get some money for his startup back in November 2016. Mark Cuban was interested, but the deal didn’t pan out.

Online dating does run some risks. Some users have complained on Facebook that scammers and bots have saturated the app, there’s often the chance you’re being catfished, and it can be quite impersonal compared to meeting someone in real life. On the other hand, lots of successful relationships have started on dating apps.

Alper told CNBC recently that there are people who got on the app when it came out in 2017, found a match, and have been in relationships for the entire year the app has been around.

According to eHarmony, 64 per cent of people who use online dating sites are looking for someone they have something in common with.

So maybe there is some merit to finding love based on things you both hate.

The Hater app is available globally, so it might not necessarily find you a new partner from Mississauga, but maybe you’ll find people from Toronto and the rest of the GTA giving it a shot.

Check it out here.

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