These Veggie Burgers are Coming to Grocery Stores in Mississauga Soon


If you've been looking for another plant-based burger option, just in time for BBQ season, then you're in luck. It was recently announced that a very popular veggie burger is coming to Mississauga - and Canada in general.

According to a recent press release, MorningStar Farms is bringing their veggie burgers to Canada. These burgers are recognized as the number one veggie burger in the U.S.

The following three flavours will be available: Veggie Burgers, Spicy Black Bean Burgers, and Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers.

These burgers will be available at major Canadian grocery stores at the beginning of April and will be located in the freezer aisle.

The launch of these products in Canada coincides with the recent increase of Canadians eating plant-based foods.

"There’s a growing appetite for plant-based foods in Canada: the desire to eat meatless meals is up 45 per cent over the last 10 years," reads the release.

The release also notes that more than 53 per cent of Canadians currently eat meat alternatives.

Making these products available to Canadians is something that MorningStar Farms is excited about.

“MorningStar Farms is a pioneer in plant-based foods and has been creating delicious food that nourishes a healthy mind, body and soul in the US since the 1970s,” Christine Jakovcic, VP Marketing, Kellogg Canada Inc., said in the release. 

“Whatever your reason for choosing plant-based protein - whether your health, the environment, or compassion for animals - MorningStar Farms is excited to share our great taste, texture and high protein options with Canadians.”

Will you be trying these burgers next month?

Photo is courtesy of MorningStar Farms.

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