These are the movies and TV shows partially filmed in Mississauga


If you consider yourself a film buff, you might be aware that lots of popular movies and TV shows are filmed in Toronto, but did you know many of both are filmed in Mississauga?

The "Filmed in Mississauga" Collection has compiled a list of some popular, contemporary movies and TV shows that had scenes filmed in Mississauga.

The list includes the name of the film, the location to look for that was filmed in Mississauga, and the way viewers can watch the film.

One well-known movie that was partially filmed in Mississauga is IT: Chapter 2, you may have recognized a restaurant in one of the scenes--the second volume of the popular Stephen King adaptation has a scene filmed at the Mandarin in Mississauga. Those who want to watch the film to catch a glimpse and see if they can recognize the restaurant can stream it on iTunes.

Another notable example you may not have suspected is the 2017 film Downsizing starring Matt Damon, which has a scene filmed in a residential neighbourhood in Mississauga. If you want to see for yourself, you can stream Downsizing on Goggle Play, Cineplex, and iTunes.

Fans of The Handmaid's Tale, the TV adaptation of celebrated Canadian author Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name, may have spotted scenes set in a familiar backdrop--the TV show features scenes that were filmed at Celebration Square. Prospective viewers can stream the show on Crave.

Another example is popular Amazon Prime TV series The Boys--which is set in a world with superheroes who aren't as super as their name suggests--which has a scene filmed at Harris Farm. Prime subscribers can watch the series on Amazon's streaming service.

Those interested in checking out the full list can do so here.

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