These Are The Most Expensive And Cheapest Houses In Mississauga Right Now


If you are currently looking for a home in Mississauga, you may be having some difficulties.

The Mississauga real estate market is currently being defined by its high prices and limited inventory.

In April 2019, Zoocasa reported the strongest rate of growth so far in regards to the selling price. The average selling price was up by 1.9 per cent, making the average cost of a home $820,148.

About 900 Mississauga homes were sold in April 2019 resulting in a 16 per cent increase year-over-year. This has left many to question the real estate market in Mississauga.

So, we compiled a list of houses that sold for big bucks -and some that were sold at a more affordable price - this past month in Mississauga.

Most Expensive:

1527 Broadmoor Avenue

Price: $3,860,000

Neighbourhood: Mineola

Bedrooms: 4+1

Washrooms: 8

30 Hiawatha Parkway

Price: $3,100,00

Neighbourhood: Port Credit

Bedrooms: $+1

Washrooms: 5

2352 Prince John Boulevard

Price: $2,893,000

Neighbourhood: Sherwood Forrest

Bedrooms: 4

Washrooms: 5

6915 Rayah Court

Price: $2,800,000

Neighbourhood: Meadowvale Village

Bedrooms: 4+1

Washrooms: 5

739 Sir Richard's Road

Price: $2,641,000

Neighbourhood: Erindale

Bedrooms: 5+1

Washrooms: 8

Least Expensive

1103-2345 Confederation Parkway

Price: $282,500

Neighbourhood: Cooksville

Bedrooms: 3

Washrooms: 2

806-3120 Kirwin Avenue

Price: $319,000

Neighbourhood: Cooksville

Bedrooms: 2

Washrooms: 1

1503-1665 The Collegeway

Price: $330,000

Neighbourhood: Erin Mills

Bedrooms: 1

Washrooms: 1

409-3120 Kirwin Avenue

Price:  $338,000

Neighbourhood: Cooksville

Bedrooms: 2

Washrooms: 1

2412-385 Prince of Wales Drive

Price: $339,000

Neighbourhood: City Centre

Bedrooms: 0

Washrooms: 1    

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