These are the most desirable neighbourhoods in Ontario (and Canada)


Published July 10, 2024 at 12:18 pm

Some of the most desired neighbourhoods in Canada are in Ontario

According to a recent report released by Remax Canada, it was revealed that a vast majority of Canadians are beyond pleased with the ongoing quality of life in their chosen neighbourhoods. 

As indicated in an official press release by the real estate giant, aspects surrounding affordability continue to rank highest regarding desired location — while proximity to in-office workplaces has substantially declined as a priority in the post-pandemic era. 

According to data from a 2024 survey conducted through Remax, affordability concerns remain dominant for 44 per cent of the respondents, while walkability and urban access only hover around 10 per cent. 

Additional information also indicated that 69 per cent of surveyed residents believe that a sense of belonging and stability in a residential area has never been more important, with 46 per cent feeling that diversity and inclusion have become a growing priority for desirable residential communities. 

Some of the top neighbourhoods for liveability — according to Remax’s data — are the Downtown West End in Calgary, Daniel Macintyre in Winnipeg and Oliver/Wîhkwêntôwin in Edmonton. However, while many of these locations are in the western reaches of Canada, a few Ontario locations have made the list. 

The full list of top Canadian neighbourhood locations is: 

  •  Downtown West End, Calgary
  •  Daniel McIntyre, Winnipeg
  •  Oliver/Wîhkwêntôwin, Edmonton
  •  Heritage, Regina
  •  Sandy Hill, Ottawa
  •  Quinpool Areas, Halifax
  •  Westmount, Saskatoon
  •   Le Sud-Ouest, Montreal
  •  Old Town, Toronto
  •  Corktown, Hamilton

Data collected for Remax also indicates that in Ontario, many of the above-listed neighbourhoods are located within older, established areas with high walkability scores.

Additional desirable neighbourhoods in Ontario include:

  •  O’Neill, Durham Region
  • Williamsville, Greater Kingston
  •  Downtown London, London
  • Garson, Sudbury
  •  Simpson-Ogden, Thunder Bay
  •  Sandy Hill, Ottawa
  • Jefferson, York Region

The report also indicates that in Peel Region, Brampton’s Northwest region was one of the most desirable in Ontario due to its suburban setting, approachable nature for young families and ease of integration for young professionals. 

For Mississauga, the City Centre has been listed as a number one location for potential residents due to its vibrant selection of shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural districts, alongside a substantially easy commute to Pearson International Airport. 

Additional information on sought-after real estate locations in Ontario — as well full survey data — can be found on Remax’s official website. 

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