There's a New Way to Make Money When You Shop in Mississauga


Don't you just love a good shopping deal?

With expenses always piling up, earning a bit off of your shopping trip could probably help.

Even if it's just a small discount and all you've had to do is spend less than what you initially planned.

But Canadians have it better. has launched its In-Store Cash Back program. This allows members to earn Cash Back when shopping at participating store across Canada. Some names include GAP, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond, American Eagle and Buy Buy Baby. And, more names are to be added to this list in the coming weeks.

Since 2012, savvy customers have had access to earning off of their shopping on the website. But now, you can become a member and do it in brick and mortar stores.

While online shopping may be super convenient and retail e-commerce sales are expected to jump by 26.3 per cent this year, having an additional option to save money in a traditional shop is an added advantage.

“As the market leader of online retail cash back, we understand how Canadians want to shop and aim to facilitate that, whether online or offline, through services including the Ebates mobile app, Express Cash Back Button and Gift Card shop,” said Jennifer La Forge, the newly appointed General Manager of

Here's how the program works.

Add one or more valid credit cards to your Ebates profile. And then, you'll have to link available In-Store Cash Back offers to any or all of your cards.

That way when you shop at any participating retailer in your neighbourhood, pay with the credit cards you've linked. And, you'll automatically earn cash back on whatever purchases qualify in seven days.

Let's go shopping?

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