The world’s tallest Tree of Lights is right here in the GTA and you have to check it out

Published December 22, 2022 at 4:01 pm

The world’s tallest Tree of Lights is right here in the GTA and you have to check it out

If you’ve walked, driven, or even flown past Hurontario and Hwy. 407 in Mississauga’s north end recently, you’ve no doubt already seen the massive Tree of Lights that’s lighting up the area for kilometres around.

The Tree of Lights is the centrepiece at illumi – A Dazzling World of Lights, the biggest light, sound and multimedia show in the world. They opened up right here in Mississauga earlier this fall and are now geared up to deliver on holiday cheer this season with a thematic universe, holiday tunes, and a lot more. Tickets are available until January 29th.

illumi is a grandiose display of 20 million dazzling lights on over 20,000 light structures in a massive 600,000 sq. ft space. There are 14 magical universes that each have their own theme, music, fun attractions, and tons of cute spots to take brilliant selfies all night long.

Chief among illumi’s light structures is the massive 47m tall Tree of Lights, which stands taller than even some of the world’s most famous landmarks and structures. The tree’s surrounding village is also the perfect spot for festival goers to warm up with a hot beverage during the cold winter nights.

Just how impressive is illumi’s Tree of Lights? Here are the facts:

At 47m (154 feet), the Tree of Lights is taller than the Statue of Liberty.

We all know the iconic Statue of Liberty standing proud in the New York Harbor, but height-wise, illumi’s Tree of Lights puts it to shame! The Tree of Lights is a whopping 47 metres (154 feet) tall, making it three feet taller than the Statue of Liberty and two times the size of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. It’s no wonder visitors at illumi can see the tree long before they’ve arrived at the festival itself!

It’s made up of 176,000 LED lights and programmed with 14 microcomputers.

The Tree of Lights isn’t just a gorgeous sight to behold, it’s also a technical marvel unlike any other. From bottom to top it’s comprised of 176,000 LED lights which shine brilliantly in the night sky and light up the sky for miles around. illumi uses 14 microcomputers to run the tree’s special effects – the tree will regularly display moving images, gorgeous patterns, and even do things like display the word “illumi” in massive letters.

You can go under the tree and take a look inside.

If you’ve only seen the Tree of Lights from the outside, you might not realize that it’s just as beautiful (maybe even more so) on the inside. Walking the path through illumi will eventually lead visitors right up to the Tree of Lights, where they can walk right under it and enjoy interactive lights that are a hit with the kids. Staring right up at the tree’s innermost point is a breathtaking sight… be sure to take photos and videos!

The tree changes with the seasons.

Those who have been to illumi multiple times since it opened already know that the tree’s appearance is always changing to match the season. This holiday season, it’s the biggest Christmas tree in all of the GTA, that shines especially bright with a massive star topper to complete the look. The star alone is eight feet high and eight feet wide – the size of a small elephant!

The Tree of Lights is just one of many things to marvel at when you visit illumi. Explore the many different universes, ride the carousel at Europea Place, walk with your partner through the romantic Tunnel of Love, play with penguins in The Infinite Poles’ sparkling igloos, and get lost in the canopy of stars that cover the Land of Frost, and much more.

Along the way, visitors can grab food and drinks at a number of food trucks and illumi snack counters.

illumi is located at 7174 Derrycrest Dr. (near Hurontario and Hwy. 407) in the city’s north end. To secure a spot at illumi for your desired date and time during the busy holiday season, be sure to grab your tickets soon.

Free parking is available on site!

For more information and latest updates on the festival, visit illumi’s websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter and Tiktok.

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