The Wonder Women Concert


Published August 9, 2012 at 3:44 am


The Wonder Women of this concert were hugely successful last night at the packed Amphitheatre at the city hall. With 15 performances ranging from spoken word to music to dance to the art work displayed by Dorothy Weiss the crowd had a great show.

Wonder Women concert is created by Mississauga singer-songwriter Arlene Paculan. Executive Producer of Lene, Mean & Green Productions (LMG), Paculan’s goal is to showcase female artists of all mediums and genres.

Wonder Women’s mission is to celebrate the diversified talents of local women, to contribute an atmosphere of inspiration, while helping them build self-esteem and confidence within their craft. The Wonder Women series has grown in popularity amongst performing artists and fans.

This August 8th edition of Wonder Women was the largest Wonder Women event yet. They raised funds and awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Here are the Wonder Women that made this event:

Ellie Anderson (spoken Word)

Lily C (music)

Abecdarians (dancers)

Keesha Brownie (comedian)

Roveena & Andrew Alba (music)

Heather Hill (music)

Kat & The MP3 (music, comedy)

Shannon Butcher (music)

Meghan Morrison (music)

Lizzie Violet (spoken word)

Iman Wain (music)

Heather Schiller (dance)

Joanna Chapman-Smith (music)

Sophia Radisch (music)

Arlene Paculan (music)


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