The Toronto Raptors' Performance Has Cost McDonald's More than $5 Million


Not only have the Toronto Raptors been winning big this season, but a lot of McDonald’s customers have been as well.

As you may recall, McDonald’s is currently running a promotional deal in which users of the My McD’s app can get free fries depending on how well the Raptors perform in a game.

The deal works like this: Whenever the Raptors score at least 12 three-pointers in their game, participating McDonald’s locations give away free medium fries the following day.

However, it’s safe to say the massive fast food chain didn’t anticipate the Raptors being as dominant as they have been this season.

According to a Financial Post article, the Raptor’s performance has cost McDonald’s two million orders of medium fries - a value of approximately $5.8 million.

“That's nearly three times the 700,000 orders the company projected its Ontario restaurants would give away during the promotion,” the article reads.

“Judging by the previous season -- in which the Raptors averaged 11.8 threes a game without [Kawhi] Leonard or proficient three-point shooter Danny Green, also acquired in the Leonard trade -- McDonald's had figured the Raptors were likely to hit at least 12 three-pointers in about half of the 82 games in the regular season.”

This season, the Raptors have scored at least 12 three-pointers 44 times during the regular season and 10 times in the playoffs, for a total of 54.

The next game in the NBA finals is set to happen tonight (Friday, June 7) — another opportunity for the Raptors to score plenty of three-pointers and unleash more free fries across Ontario.

Go Raptors, go!

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