The Quick Dish: Butter Chicken Poutine

Published June 11, 2015 at 2:42 pm


Desi Bar and Grill is a modern-casual Indian restaurant known for its curries, dosas and a few Indian fusion dishes. As the website suggests, Desi Bar is more than just good Indian food – they have a dance floor in the back portion of the restaurant for the live bands and DJ’s that perform and spin periodically, a large projector screen and a few televisions for game and fight nights. The resto has booth and table seating, a bar and a patio and in total could seat over 90 people. 

The Verdict:
I popped in for a quick bite during the post-lunch rush. There was a table of six dining and a few people on the patio and at the bar enjoying a drink. House music was playing at a decent volume and the televisions were on sports, food and news channels. My server was helpful in navigating through the menu and I decided on the butter chicken poutine (which wasn’t actually on the physical menu, but still listed on the online menu).

Indian cuisine is top on my list of favorite cuisines – the flavours are deep, rich and complex and I crave a lot of spice every now and then. Butter chicken is an oh-so-popular dish and an easy favorite pick. 

The menu has a vast selection of meat and fish curries, veggie-curries, non-veggie curries, tandoori, dosas, and an extensive appetizer menu featuring vegetarian, non-vegetarian and a few Canadian dishes. The Indian-fusion dishes on the menu sound so incredibly appetizing and include honey chilly potato and butter chicken nachos. I wish there was more to choose from. The drink menu includes draught beers, bottled beers, shooters, cocktails, spirits and wine.

My butter chicken poutine arrived and before I provide my verdict, I must explain my affinity for fried potatoes and classic poutine. French fries are a food weakness of mine — all kinds and any kind. From stringy, to thick cut, to crispy, to soggy – it doesn’t matter, I will eat them. However, when it comes to poutine, I’m a purist – classic all the way. The 30-deep list of poutines on Montreal’s La Banquise menu is excessive and I personally don’t need or want to have an all-meat poutine or any meat for that matter. No hot peppers, no guacamole, no mushrooms, no corn dogs, no peas or the any other ridiculous toppings on my fries – Quebec cheese curds and gravy, please and thank you. Well, until now – Desi Bar’s butter chicken poutine is fusion at its best. The slightly coated fries were extremely crispy and retained their crunch for some time despite the blanket of butter chicken sauce.  I believe the cheese was either a mozzarella or shredded paneer which worked, I just wish there was more of it, and the chicken pieces were tender and full of flavour.

My server frequently checked on me throughout my meal and offered quick and efficient service and the food was super tasty and I will be back for more. 

Butter Chicken Poutine $9.49 before taxes and tip

Wait time: 
30 minutes from start to finish

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