The Port Credit Buskerfest Performers!


With the 2013 Port Credit Buskerfest quickly approaching (August 16 to 18) we thought to give you a glimpse of performers that will be coming down to Mississauga. Each year the world's best street performers come to Port Credit and for just the drop of a coin in a hat the audiences are treated to some world-class talent. The talent this year includes jugglers, mimes, human statues, contortionists, break dancers, comedians, stilt walkers, magicians and aerial artists. Each act is unique leaving everyone young and old with memorable moments!

Dreamstate Circus - UK/Australia

This Aussie/English duo will delight and entertain you with their magical performances as they have done with audiences in over 30 countries around the world. See them showcase their multi skills of hand balancing, juggling, fire, knives, & whips, a brilliant balance between comedy and danger... literally!! Their shows are suitable for the very young to the very old; and are positive, uplifting, inspiring and bold!

Peter Rabbit - New York, USA

Winner of 2012 People's Choice Award this gifted bucket drummer began performing is the streets in New York City, only later to be casted as one of the original members of the Broadway Production and smash hit "Bring in 'da NoiseBring in 'da Funk. After six years on Broadway this phenomenal talent, had the opportunity to tour and perform with superstars like the Neville Brothers, Kanye West and it has become one of the top sports halftime show in North America.

USA Breakdancers - New York, USA

Performing their high energy family fun show since 1998; the show's creator & Cirque du Soleil performer Julio "Klown" Santiago is a legendary old school Popper and Locker from the Bronx... and with him comes two of the top B-boys in the United States today. This show promises gut busting laughs, high energy fun and action packed break dancing -that will make you want to bust a move of your own. 

Gabriel Angelo - San Francisco, USA

From the City by the Bay Gabriel Angelo, the “Trumpet Kid,” as many have come to know him, started studying the instrument when he was 6. For the better part of two years he has entertained outside the Mission Street parking garage across from Bloomingdale’s. He got his moves by watching old Fred Astaire movies and listening to trumpet gods Louis Armstrong and Dizzie Gillespie. 

Lisa Lottie - The Netherlands

Crazy agile, beautifully charming and unbelievably flexible! Lisa Lottie will have you on the edge of your seat as she contorts her body and performs some of the most impressive Hula Hoop manoeuvres you have ever seen! To top it all off, she will attempt the world's most dangerous Hula Hoop trick, balancing sky high on just one foot. Expect great feelings of exhilaration & remember to scrape your jaw off of the floor.

Natural Wings - Australia/USA

An intimate encounter of three bodies flying through water, wind, earth and tricks of light...the show is called Elements and you won't want to miss it. Using stunning aerial imagery and acrobatics mixed with raw elements, these artists will show you how they fly against the odds. Inspirational, Mesmerising, Innovative ... Beautiful Elements bring the raw essence of nature to the forefront of the mind ... and the street.

Charlie Caper - Sweden

Charlie Caper brings a magic show with heart. Expect world-class magic by a charming Swedish gentleman. He has performed all over the globe in 7 languages and won Sweden's got Talent in 2009. Commonly regarded as one of the best street magicians on this planet Charlie will leave your jaw hanging for most of the show. In a magic-off between Harry Potter and Charlie Caper we would put our money on Harry... but only just!

Diago Alvares - Brazil

Diago is a master manipulator who brings his show "Face to Face" to Port Credit for the very first time. With a mixture of raw street magic and incredible illusion, he performs a silent magic show with all ages in mind. Diago takes life's most common objects and sends them to the universe ... making them disappear, right before your eyes.

Illuminair - Ontario, Canada

Illuminair Entertainment stays on the cutting edge while delivering amazing fire shows to audiences everywhere. Be prepared to experience fire in a new light--and at a new height--as they bring true beauty and extreme skill with them on this journey - to amaze us. Illuminair combines acrobatics, aerial and fire to create a show like no other, as they are always seeking new ways to push the boundaries of circus performance to a new level.

Jonathan Burns - Philadelphia, USA

From the city of brotherly love Jonathan Burns brings his bendy body, everyday objects, quick wit, and a little of raw macho looks. Jonathan performs a unique show that is sure to amuse and amaze the whole family. Since 2004 he has performed at special events around the globe, was deemed "Extremely funny" by The New York Times -- and was recently featured on the Jay Leno Show & the Late Show with David Letterman.

Reuben DotDotDot - Australia

A top-class ex Cirque du Soleil acrobat, whose loves of street theatre; he defies gravity and death with acrobatic stunts you need to see to believe. The show that has it all - humor, handstands, and holding on for dear life! With a one handed balance 20 feet up in the air, concrete never looked so hard! Reuben has performed at festivals all over the world including: Christchurch World Buskers, Edinburgh Fringe, Dubai festival fringe, Ansan Korea, Linz Austria and many more! 

Scot Free - Ontario, Canada

Scot Free is at large delivering high quality entertainment to satisfied audiences everywhere. The show is comprised of a skillful mix of character comedy, exciting daredevil stunts, sharp improvised wit and audience interaction. These elements and more, presented through a stream of interchangeable routines make for an entertainment experience that will not be forgotten. 

The Silly People - Ontario, Canada

Phil LeConte and Colin Franks are two guys from Kitchener/ Waterloo who have a flair for 'silliness'. They have been performing for almost 20 years and have worked in eighteen different countries. With a perfect blend of quick wit, slapstick and random useless skills they create "free-style comedy." Balloons, juggling, yo-yo's, circus skills, and bubble gum ... who could ask for anything more! 

Wacky Chad - Boston, USA

Laugh until it hurts as this stunt comedian balances a shopping cart on his face, rides him and another person on his tiny bicycle and handstands on a skateboard. Wearing his trademark orange, Wacky Chad will reach neck-straining heights on his tall unicycle and defy gravity on an air powered pogo stick. Prepare to be wowed and if you don't like laughing, go somewhere else! 

Pyromancer -The Netherlands

Pyromancer is one of the best fire-breathers in the world and has been performing worldwide for over a decade. A mix of spectacular flames and death defying tricks, brought together with a great sense of humour and a playful charming presence, makes this show like none you will ever see. This unique fire show is can't miss experience!

Les Vitamines - Quebec City, Quebec

Physically daring, comically delightful, Les Vitamines have only one goal: to put a smile on your face....Settle in for pure street theatre entertainment, as this duo show off their startling acrobatic skills while dishing out generous servings of laughter.

Duo Caberlion - Quebec City, Quebec

Since their debut in 2005, this clownish team continues to perform a variety of musical, magical and acrobatic numbers making you feel just like you are at a Las Vegas night club ... seeing one really BIG show. Ari and Phil are a comical twosome that will put you on the edge of your seat. With their spectacular skills and comedic routines....and don't miss their amazing DOUBLE Rola-Bola stunt - it's the whole SHEBANG in one BIG show!

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