The Iconic Port Credit Lighthouse is About to Get a New Look


If you're big fan of Port Credit's iconic lighthouse, you might be happy to hear that the long-standing structure is about to enjoy a very significant enhancement.

Recently, Mississauga City Council agreed to commit $6,000 to the upcoming launch of a project that involves lighting the popular lighthouse to mark holidays, events and other special occasions.

Karen Priest, president at Diamond Marketing and Communications Inc., recently appeared before council to ask the city to contribute the remaining $6,000 needed to complete the $41,000 project.

"Port Credit is recognized as a tourist destination and the lighthouse is the Port Credit icon. It's a visual centerpiece and with the upcoming waterfront renewal process, it's something unique to Port Credit and it needs attention," Priest said.

Priest went on to say the idea was spurred by discussions with representatives of industrial lighting company Champion Commercial Products—a company that she says has experience with the CN Tower.

"Think of the CN Tower, we too can have a lighthouse LED light show that celebrates historical events, our local festivals and events, as well as milestones," said Priest.

Going forward, the lighthouse will be lit up in various colours depending on the holiday or event.

Naturally, red and green will be used at Christmas and orange on Halloween.

"Pink could be for breast cancer [month] or Mother's Day," Priest added. "Yellow could be Easter, and we could add some purple in there as well."

Priest also said that blue could be used to celebrate the Leafs, Jays or Steelheads and that Mardi Gras colours can be used during the Southside Shuffle music festival.

"We have developed a calendar for approximately 50 different events so far," she told council. "We can celebrate the anniversary of Vimy Ridge, we can recognize Canadian Multiculturalism Day, Remembrance Day or, more recently, purple for child abuse prevention."

While the entire project will cost slightly over $41,000 to execute, Priest has managed to secure the lion's share of the necessary funding from community organizations. The organizations who provided funds include Birnie Electric, the Port Credit BIA, the Port Credit Community Foundation and the Port Credit West Village Partners.

City council voted unanimously to commit the remaining $6,000 to the project after the motion was moved by Councillor Jim Tovey.

Councillors Pat Saito and Carolyn Parrish also spoke out in favour of the initiative.

"I personally think it's a great idea, we promote through Mississauga Tourism the Lighthouse as one of our prime locations to visit in the City of Mississauga," said Saito. "It's on our website, it's in our visitor guide. Given the donations you received, I think $6,000 is a very small amount."

Priest said the Port Credit BIA will maintain the project going forward.

The lighting should begin on Dec. 2 at the Christmas at the Lighthouse celebration in Port Credit.

Cover photo by @me.idris

Body photo courtesy of City of Mississauga

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