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1st Impression: Attentive service
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Dish names are listed in their traditional Indian name
Price or portion adjustment required
Price Range: $11 - $30Indian Cuisine is on my personal list of top 3 favourite cuisines. The flavours are so complex and are layered in such a way that they create an orgasmic explosion in my mouth. And this holds true for any dish, whether it be a starter, main, or dessert.

On my quest for great food insauga, you will find that I rarely dine alone at a restaurant. Partly because I just love the company of fellow foodies, but also because it gives me an opportunity to try more than one dish - I am a picker and will be stealing a few bites of everything my friend orders.

Upon our arrival for dinner, which is an a la carte menu (lunch is a buffet menu which caters to local businesses), we were greeted immediately at the door and seated right away. I've eaten Indian cuisine many times before and much prefer the a la carte style of dining. The Host has a very inviting and relaxing vibe to it, induced by the ambient music playing throughout the restaurant, the dim lighting and plushy seating area, which included makeshift, yet, cozy booths and a padded wall which was lined with a number of tables. The design is a throwback to the 90's that somehow worked to create this vibe, but it could, however, use an update and the removal of remnants of the former tenant - a seafood restaurant called Smugglers, such as the multi-level dining area. Multi-level dining is so 1990.

We were provided with menus, ice water and papadums to start. Papadums are thin, savory Indian crackers. The menu was very well-organized and great for first timers as the dishes, which are listed under their traditional Indian names, also include a brief description of what that dish is. It also offers a section called Design Your Own Curry, which is a great alternative to offer outside of the regular dishes on the menu.

The host and our waiter were very attentive in providing water refills, removing empty dishes, checking on our contentment, and guiding us through the menu and responding to some questions that we had.

Just before our dishes were ready, we received a set of warm plates. A nice touch.

I ordered the Tandoori Murgh ($15), which is also known more commonly to Westerners as Tandoori Chicken, and a side of Garlic Nan ($5.50), a Leavened white flour Tandoori bread. This classic tandoori dish is made by marinating chicken overnight in a variety of spices and .yogurt and then cooking it in a tandoor, which is a cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. My dish came with a coriander and tamarind dipping sauce for the chicken. The chicken was presented on a hot plate and garnished with onions and shredded raw vegetables, which added a nice freshness and crispness to the slightly spicy and whole tender chicken pieces.

My friend had the Murgh Makhni ($15), which is also known as butter chicken, and the Roti ($3), which is wheat bread baked in the tandoor. Butter chicken is a popular choice among Westerners - it includes tender pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy, and buttery tomato sauce. The bread is made for dipping and the butter chicken sauce was the perfect dip.

The flavours of both of these main dishes along with the sides of freshly baked breads were bang on, the flavours complex and layered to create the complex 5th basic taste - "umami" also known as the g-spot in your mouth.

I'd have to say, though, that the portion sizes are too small for the price point, as we left The Host still hungry - a typical sign of "fine dining", but I'd hardly call The Host in Mississauga a fine dining restaurant.

The Host should either drop their prices or increase their portion sizes increase so that the $food cost is in line with what I would expect from a casual dining experience in Mississauga. This restaurant seems to be conflicted between what was once considered fine dining to what's now considered casual dining

We received warm towels after our meal, another nice touch.

The good thing is that although my experience at The Host left me hungry for more, the dishes were so rich in flavour that I will still be coming back when I feel the need for some umami.The Host
33 City Centre Dr
, Ontario
(905) 566-4678

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