The Ford Government Proposes To Increase Driver Fees Year After Freezing Them

Published June 20, 2019 at 4:32 am


Ontario’s previous Liberal government planned to increase some of the driver fees in September 2018. When Doug Ford was elected, he announced that they will be freezing driver fees.

“People are fed up with paying more and more every time they need to renew their licence or take a driving test. This will make life more affordable for drivers right across the province. This is the latest example of our government putting money back where it belongs — in the pockets of hard-working Ontarians,” said Premier Doug Ford.

However, the Ford government just proposed to introduce an annual increase beginning July 1.

On the government’s website, they state that they want to increase driver fees by two per cent each year for the next five years. This will affect various driver, vehicle and carrier products and services.

The government will also be increasing the driver examination services’ Consumer Price Index fee on July 1 instead of the scheduled date of September 1.

“These moderate fee increases will allow the government to continue delivering services and move towards full cost recovery without increasing taxes for all Ontarians. By doing a two per cent regular increase, the Ministry of Transportation is taking a measured approach to achieving fiscal balance, while providing Ontario residents with the ability to predict annual increases, directly tied to inflationary pressures,” states the proposal.

The government states that the cost of some services offered by the Ministry of Transportation does not reflect the cost to the ministry to provide the services.

During the past few years, the ministry has already introduced new fees and increased existing fees.

What do you think of these changes to driver fees?

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