The Credit Salmon Run

Published June 13, 2012 at 2:06 pm


By: Mazi Khalighi

The Credit River is probably one of the best and worst kept secrets in Mississauga. The people who know it well, love it well. But then there are others, people who have lived in Mississauga for most of their lives, who admit to never venturing near its shores. A thorough spotlight and coverage of everything it adds to the city needs to be expressed in a much longer article.

For now, I’ll keep it brief. This first post is going to lightly touch upon what comes to mind for most people when they see a body of water – fish. More specifically, what’s fascinating about the Credit River is the plethora of Salmon in it and the Salmon Run that takes place every year from late August to as long as late November, and then again during the spring thaw.

Many people have no idea what the Credit River Salmon Run is. On any given fall afternoon you can see a lineup of Mississaugans, both young and old, along its shores in Erindale Park hoping to get into a fight with a monster 20+ pounder.

Yes, 20+ pounds of monster-sized Salmon; and, not just a few here and there, I’m talking about fish in the dozens at any given time. When the Salmon are running, swimming furiously against the rivers’ current, it’s a breath taking sight to see. There are so many of them that sometimes it’s hard to make out spaces of river in between them all.

Fishing, with a proper license and during the appropriate times of the year, is usually permitted south of the 403 bridge. However, if all you want to do is get a good look of some of these impressive creatures, there is a perfect spot to view them from a lovely little bridge on Barbertown Rd. just between Creditview and Mississauga Rd.

The locals might not appreciate me giving away their secret, but I just can’t keep this little gem to myself. Pick a day in September, October or November, preferably right after a heavy rain, and you will see dozens and dozens of beautiful salmon grazing in the pool under the bridge, waiting for the water to rise so they can be on their way north. Do you enjoy zoning out and watching gold fish in an aquarium? Well, here’s a giant and free aquarium that Mother Nature has provided for you and it just so happens to be located right in the heart of Mississauga.

Do you have pictures of the Salmon Run or impressive fish that you’ve caught in the Credit River? Send us some of your best and we may just include it in a follow up piece.

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