The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is considering limiting the amount of food citizens can bring into Canada


Published February 7, 2020 at 12:52 am


Bad news for those who enjoy importing exotic foods into Canada for their own personal use; the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is considering making changes to how much food individuals can bring into Canada.

The federal government has limitations related to importing plants and animals which are in place to protect Canadians from foreign diseases such as African swine fever and Foot and Mouth Disease, as well as invasive species.

Currently, Canadians are permitted to import food, up to a certain limit, for their own personal consumption provided there are no restrictions in place under other federal legislation, such as the Health of Animals and Plant Protection Acts.

The new restrictions which could be put in place would reduce the volume of food travellers can bring with them across the border.

“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency wants to help ensure that food in Canada is safe without delaying or unnecessarily restricting travellers carrying food for personal use,” Siddika Mithani, president of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said in a news release.

“We want Canadians to participate in this consultation and to tell us what they think of the proposed new limits,” she continued.

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