Test Drives to Top Fives: 2015 Range Rover Evoque Autobiography


We have a new segment called Test Drives to Top Fives where we film Khaled and Jay test driving brand new cars while driving them to Top 5 restaurants in Mississauga. Check out Jay Kana's in-depth car review and check out the video below.

Test Drive: 2015 Range Rover Evoque Autobiography
Top 5: Holy Smokez (#1 Ribs)

I'm fairly certain I'll never write an autobiography. Even if I did, who would read it? My life isn't exciting enough, I'm nowhere near celebrity status (well, aside from the kids in my neighbourhood who are excited to see what car I bring home on Monday evenings) and I'm content living a quiet, modest life.

Now if I were a rock star or a race car driver, perhaps an astronaut or even the first person to truly sell ice to an Eskimo, then yes, writing an autobiography may be something on my bucket list.

But no, I'm just plain ol' Jay Kana who plays and teaches guitar, has access to nearly every car in Canada (for journalistic purposes, of course), runs a successful magazine in Canada's sixth largest city, has a brains and beauty girlfriend, saved a cat that was stuck in a tree (possibly not true), is a pilot (Ok, I've driven a Honda Pilot) and has the love and affection of two adorable cats (100% true).

Well then, perhaps I'm not as monotonous as I believe. On second thought, yes, yes I am. And I'm absolutely fine with that.

As a deliberate segue, (really, I'm far too old for subtlety) I recently toted around the city in the 2015 Range Rover Evoque Autobiography. The last time I was in an Evoque there was an exercise in patience as a quick jaunt home took nearly four hours. Good thing there wasn't anything inclement in the forecast this time. Sitting in the top of the line Autobiography, first appearances don't seem obvious that it's the "ruler of the roost". Then again, nobody likes a blatant show off, right?

What this model boasts is diamond turned and contrast painted 20 inch wheels, six different Oxford leather interior colors, illuminated tread plates, an 825 watt Meridian sound system with 17 speakers (also found on the Dynamic and Prestige trims but still bloody impressive) and autobiography badging on the body.

There's not going to be any breaking news here about how smooth and luxurious the Evoque performs.
Or how it's got a "car" feel though it's clearly not a "car". The attractive stance of the Evoque as it sits on 20 inch wheels adds character and there's no mistaking it for any other vehicle on the road.

As you move swiftly yet carefully, the 2.0 Litre supercharged four cylinder engine harvests 240 horsepower that's distributed through a nine-speed automatic transmission, paddle shifters and all.

The interior is typical modern Land Rover with an eight inch centre console touch screen and a clean layout with everything within reach.

Behind the steering wheel is the five inch dashboard which is dubbed the "Driver Information Centre".

Starting at $64,595 before any options are selected, the Evoque Autobiography differs from the entry level "Pure" trim by $16,900.  And for what you're getting in the luxury crossover segment, it's not as if the price point is unreasonable for any of the trims in the Evoque lineup. However, if I were to permanently have an Evoque in the driveway, boring ol' Jay would opt for the Autobiography.

Because that's the closest I'll ever be to having the word "autobiography" attached to my name.

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