Terry Fox among finalists for new face of $5 bill


If you're a fan of the current design on the $5 bill, you might want to hold onto it if you happen to have one in your wallet.

The Bank of Canada has announced the short-list of eight Canadians who could become the next face of the $5 bill.

Some notable figures include a celebrated artist; a journalist; a soldier; and of course, a runner.

The complete list is:

  • Pitseolak Ashoona: [c. 1904-1908]-1983
  • Robertine Barry (“Francoise”): 1863-1910
  • Binaaswi (Francis Pegahmagabow): 1888-1952
  • Won Alexander Cumyow: 1861-1955
  • Terry Fox: 1958-1981
  • Lotta Hitschmanova: 1909-1990
  • Isapo-muxika (Crowfoot): c. 1830-1890
  • Onondeyoh (Frederick Ogilvie Loft): 1861-1934

The shortlist came from 600 eligible nominees submitted by nearly 45,000 Canadians over a six-week period.

“Canadians put forward the names of hundreds of people who have changed Canada for the better,” Tiff Macklem, governor of the Bank of Canada.

“I thank the Advisory Council members for their thoughtful and thorough deliberations, and I look forward to seeing which of these eight remarkable individuals will be featured on our next $5 bank note," she said.

The new face of the $5 bill is likely to be announced in early 2021 by the Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland.

Those chosen to be finalists had to meet select criteria, including having affected positive change for Canada that is still relevant today, having had an impact that reflects Canadian values, and they must be known beyond their local and regional communities.

“Each of these people deserve recognition for their remarkable contributions to Canada. They all overcame barriers, fought for their ideals, and have inspired generations. I invite all Canadians to learn about the stories of these incredible people,” Freeland said in the same release.

“And to the tens of thousands of Canadians who took the time to nominate the many noteworthy people in our history, thank you," she continued.

Cover photo courtesy of the Terry Fox Foundation via Instagram

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