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Published March 2, 2021 at 7:15 pm

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In the hustle and bustle of our busy everyday lives, remembering to put your garbage out on the curb and how to properly manage your waste can be a little tedious. Wouldn’t it be easier to have something to remember those details for you and make the whole process more convenient?

Thankfully, such a thing already exists: RBC Ventures’ GarbageDay app, a handy and convenient resource on all things related to garbage collection, garbage schedules, waste management, and more. The app is available to download now on Apple and Android devices.

Never be confused on pickup day again! Here are five ways this app can help out residents in Mississauga:

Get reminders about which bins to put out and when.

GarbageDay’s main feature is that you can set it up to notify you the night before, or the morning of, your waste collection day every week. As soon as you sign up on the app, you can choose when you want to get your reminders (and later change that setting at any time). Set the app reminder for well before you get into your pj’s the night before, or in the morning when you’re heading out for work — it’s entirely up to you. And if you tap the “Upcoming” tab, you’ll get a quick and easy look at which bins are being collected in the upcoming weeks: Garbage, organics, or recycling.

Get updates on seasonal or holiday schedule changes.

Just when you think you’ve remembered the schedule, holidays and season changes come around to change things up! Fortunately, GarbageDay also keeps tabs on schedule changes so nothing comes as a surprise. The app will also let you know when you can put out special kinds of waste, such as yard waste (leaves tree trimmings, branches, etc.), batteries, and more.

Get exclusive home offers and seasonal offers.

GarbageDay users get exclusive access to a wide range of special perks and offers, including seasonal offers, home-related offers and more. For example, past GarbageDay perks have included snow removal discounts, deals on eco-friendly household products, among other goodies. Offers change all the time, so be sure to check back regularly.

Easily report if your bins haven’t been picked up.

Accidents happen, and chances are you’ve already experienced this one in the past. You put your garbage out on time, it’s placed correctly on your curb, and it’s within the size restrictions; but for some strange reason it wasn’t collected. If pickup day comes and goes and some (or all) of your garbage wasn’t picked up, you might not know who to call to get the problem sorted. Don’t fret — the GarbageDay app includes a handy feature that helps connect you with your local municipality so you can notify them when your garbage wasn’t collected, so you’ll never be left hanging.

Find useful recycling tips and tips on energy conservation, home maintenance, and more.

Managing your waste — and leading a more efficient lifestyle in general — doesn’t have to start and end on garbage day. Want to learn how to recycle better? Trying to make your home more energy efficient and save money? GarbageDay’s “Explore” tab is a wealth of resources, providing invaluable tips, insights and articles on all these topics and more. Tips and tricks for eco-living are also available via the GarbageDay blog.

Ready to end the guesswork on pickup day? Download the app now on Apple or Android to start getting helpful reminders and more sent directly to your device.

For more information, visit or follow GarbageDay on Facebook and Instagram.

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