Suspicious Attacks Prompt Cineplex to Pull Film From Theatres Again


Published July 13, 2016 at 2:48 am


If you’re a fan of Tamil films, you may be disappointed to hear that Cineplex will not be showing the upcoming film Kabali, according to a CityNews article

It’s speculated that the film, set to release on July 22, is being pulled due to a series of attacks that happened last April during Tamil movie showings. 

The three attacks involved somebody releasing a substance with a noxious odour inside Mississauga theatres, as well as theatres in Brampton and Scarborough. Police believe they were initiated by the same suspect. 

Although nobody was hurt, Cineplex soon after pulled the Tamil film Theri as a safety precaution. Cineplex spokeswoman Sarah Van Lange told CityNews they are continuing to take precautionary measures.

Tamil film critic Sudarsh Krishnan told CityNews that Cineplex’s decision to pull the film is hurting more than helping. 

“It’s like racial profiling pretty much, except it’s a theatre doing this,” Krishnan said. “There’s no other alternative, you know, Cineplex has a monopoly over all the movies as a multiplex. It’s like we don’t have any other option.” 

Kabali’s plot is centred around an aged crime boss trying to protect his family and business. The movie’s trailer has garnered almost 25 million views since being posted in April.

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