Suspects from Mississauga, Oshawa among 26 charged in OPP drug, gun and jewelry bust


Published February 23, 2023 at 3:24 pm

A major inter-jurisdictional bust dubbed Project Coyote has ended in the seizure of numerous drugs, guns and stolen pieces of jewellery, resulting in the arrest of 15 people including Hells Angels and Red Devils members.

The OPP along with Toronto and Belleville police launched an investigation into drug trafficking across the GTA some time ago. The investigation culminated in a slew of police raids, described as “high risk,” on Jan. 18. In all 12 people were arrested at the time.

More than a month later, on Feb. 22, officers made another 15 arrests in another batch of raids. This second group of arrests included three Hells Angels members and three Red Devils members.

The raids took place across a large swath of Southern Ontario. While most were conducted in the GTA, police also raided homes in Belleville, Campbellford, Centre Hastings, Orilla, Quinte West and Windsor.

The Canadian Border Services Agency and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency also pitched in to assist with the investigation.

During the raids, police seized a “significant” amount of of drugs, numerous weapons (including guns), cash and jewelry.

“Street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs and other organized crime groups undermine peace and security across our communities,” said OPP Chief Superintendent Paul Mackey.

“They deal in violence and conflict. They launder money. They traffic firearms and people. They hurt our communities. Joint investigations, such as the OPP, Toronto Police Service and Belleville Police Service’s Project Coyote, are critical in dismantling these criminal operations.”

The weapons seized include;

  • a Glock P80 pistol (3D printed)
  • a Ruger 357 pistol (stolen)
  • a Taurus 9mm pistol
  • a Sig Sauer 380-calibre pistol (prohibited)
  • a SCCY CPX-2 9mm pistol (prohibited)
  • three sawed-off shotguns
  • three fake pistols
  • two stun guns
  • a variety of ammunition

Seized drugs include;

  • Cannabis – 9 kilograms, 500 packages of edibles and 700 loose edibles
  • Cocaine – 16 kilograms
  • Crystal meth – 6 kilograms and 400 pills
  • Fentanyl – 1.5 kilograms (2 milligrams is considered a lethal dose)
  • Hash – 3.6 kilograms
  • Nicotine vapes – 500 pens and cartridges, and
  • Psilocybin – 7 grams

Police also seized some miscellaneous items including;

  • $150,000 worth of jewelry (two Rolex watches, gold chains, rings, assorted gang affiliated jewelry
  • Hells Angels vests, signage, member list and photos
  • assorted body armor
  • 10 cars
  • $370,000 in cash

Police continue to tally up everything seized so the above totals may increase in time. The same is true for the charges against the arrested parties which may increase as the investigation continues.

Among those arrested are;

  • Dillon Hueval, 31 of Oshawa, on one charge,
  • Joshua Sytsma, 23 of Oshawa, on one charge,
  • Kameisha Gibbs, 35 of Mississauga, on one charge
  • Erika Black-Brown, 27 of Etobicoke, on eight charges,
  • Adam Cox, 34 of Etobicoke, on 16 charges,
  • Al Cox, 43 of Etobicoke, on five charges,
  • Devon Johnson-Garcia, 29 of Etobicoke, on six charges
  • Allan Cox, 37 of Etobicoke, on six charges,
  • Anh Ngoc Tran, 30 of Etobicoke, on 10 charges,
  • Kayla Murray, 30 of Etobicoke, on one charge,
  • Jade Parker, 29 of Etobicoke, on 13 charges,
  • Adamo Bunnino, 25 of Woodbridge, on two charges,
  • Gary Bunton, 36 of Trenton, on one charge
  • Robert Parsonson, 46 of Trenton, on one charge
  • Alexander Veronez, 19 of Trenton, on two charges,
  • Nicholas Runnalls, 43 of Trenton, on four charges,
  • Justin Whitford, 24 of Belleville, on one charge, and
  • Nicole Whitman, 38 of Belleville, on three charges
  • Steve Dickinson, 35 of Belleville on five charges,
  • Mark Dunn, 52 of Belleville, on five charges,
  • Ryan Higgins-Michaud, 27 of Belleville, on one charge,
  • Jean-Francois Labonte, 43 of Belleville, on five charges,
  • Michael Renzi, 41 of Belleville on three charges,
  • Mark Stewart, 43 of Belleville on three charges,
  • Dylan Kearley, 28 of Cobourg, on three charges
  • Jesse Thibert, 43 of Lakeshore, on three charges,

Investigators did not specify who among the suspects are affiliated with the Hells Angels or Red Devils.


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