Survey finds many Canadians unaware of their rights related to air travel


If you’ve ever felt powerless after having your travel accommodations suddenly canceled you’re not alone.

According to a recent survey, many Canadians don’t know their rights when it comes to air travel.

The survey, conducted by CAA found that 56 per cent of Canadian air-travellers don’t know their rights.

“It is clear that the government and the airlines need to do more to ensure Canadians know their rights,” Jeff Walker, chief strategy officer for CAA National, said in a news release.

“As we head into the holiday travel season, it’s even more important travellers are aware of the new system and how to make claims,” he continued.

Over the last six months, the federal government has passed legislation that is intended to hold airlines accountable regarding bumping passengers from flights, losing or damaging baggage, and failing to clearly communicate passengers’ rights to them.

Additionally, starting this month, passengers whose flights are delayed or canceled for reasons that are within the airline’s control and not associated with passenger-safety will be entitled to compensation from the airline depending on the length of the delay and size of the airline.

“CAA encourages passengers to learn their new rights and file a claim when they feel those protections have been breached,” Walker said.

“CAA will continue to represent the interest of travellers by tracking the regime’s effectiveness and hold the Canadian Transportation Agency accountable,” he added.

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