Support floods in as Niagara Falls comedian falls short on ‘Canada’s Got Talent’


Published April 27, 2023 at 11:52 am

Niagara Falls comedian David Green may have fallen short on "Canada's Got Talent" but received a huge outpouring of support from local residents for his performance. (Photo: City-TV)

Niagara Falls comedian David Green fell short on Tuesday’s (April 25) on the TV show Canada’s Got Talent but based on the local support that poured in, he won a lot more than any talent competition could offer.

No, Green won’t get the $100,000 grand prize after being bumped by the judges but he got a chance to perform in front of a national TV audience but beat long odds just to get there.

“Obviously I’m hugely disappointed with how everything went down, and I feel terrible that I let down my friends, my family and my city, but I did my best and I’m proud to have made it this far and am thankful for everyone who has helped me get here,” posted Green on Facebook.

He added that “6,000 people auditioned to be on this show and I was one of the lucky few that made the cut and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

His fans, new and old alike, quickly jumped on to let him know that, no, they were not “let down.” In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Said one poster, “That took a lot of guts to even audition and to make it that far is incredible. Above and beyond!! Every experience makes us better. Way to go!!”

Another pointed to all the good things Green has brought to the local community. “You have certainly not let anyone down. It takes guts and talent to get up in front of people and make them laugh, which you do every week. You have also raised so much for charity doing this.”

One poster noted that up against singers and acrobats, being a comedian on stage took guts. “Brother, you didn’t let anybody down. You did what nobody else was doing and you did it well.”

A poster pointed out Green’s strength – his ability to cleverly turn words. “You didn’t let anyone down, you are an inspiration for your city and your friends. I am happy and excited to see you go further. By far, the best pun guy I know.

Having his parents and friends in the audience, Green, a Nottingham, U.K. export, added, “It was so special having my parents right there cheering me on in the crowd and my great friends Bob and Mary who are the most supportive people you can hope to meet.”

In the end, Green is looking to the future. “I’ve learned so much from this whole experience and can’t wait to see what new opportunities are around the corner. Thank you again to everyone for all the kind messages.”

Green may not have won the competition but he certainly won the hearts of his Niagara Falls faithful. In the end, that far surpasses any monetary rewards.

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