Study Shows That Many Ontario Residents Do Not Like Doug Ford As Premier

Published May 21, 2019 at 6:53 pm


According to a new study, many people are not happy with the Ford government.

Pollara Strategic Insights, a Canadian research project leader, has released a new study about the Ford government. They surveyed around 1,500 eligible Ontario voters to see how well the Ford government is doing. They broke down the results by 2018 PC voters, former PC voters, current PC voters and the Ford Nation (the voters who love Doug Ford).

The survey found that though the Ford government would still likely win the most seats if an election were held today, his party would be at risk. Many people from the older generations, who have the greatest voter turnout, would still vote PC.

Overall, the number of people who would vote for Ford has dropped from 40.5 per cent to 30 per cent. Instead, NDP would have a greater voter preference than Ford.

The study also shows that people would rather vote for the Liberals than PC. The voter preference has increased from 19.6 to 26 per cent. Even the Green Party shows a higher voter turnout at 11 per cent.

Additionally, many people voted for Ford was a way to get rid of Kathleen Wynne, the former Premier and leader of the Liberal Party.

In fact, only 11 per cent of survey participants stated that they actually like Doug Ford.

About 64 per cent of people surveyed disapprove of the Ontario government. About 34 per cent of former PC voters state that they now strongly disapprove of what Ford is doing. Ford Nation is only made up about 9 per cent of the electorate and is the highest group to approve of the Ontario government.

What do you think of the Ford government?

Graphics courtesy of Pollara Strategic Insights.

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