Study says St. Catharines is middle of the pack safety-wise if zombies attack


Published March 16, 2023 at 12:31 pm

Real estate analysts are constantly putting out new lists – communities with the most affordable houses, best areas for students, year-to-year pricing variances and the like.

But market analysts has taken a more whimsical, horror movie approach and created a list of which cities in Canada are the safest in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Rationalizing that COVID-19, wars all over the world, and economic and social changes in society have already seen huge changes in day-to-day life, the group went one step further and asked, “What if the world was taken over by a new epidemic that turns people into zombies?”

While, of course, it’s all in fun, the analysts nonetheless break down zombie-prevention safety levels into five separate categories: Vulnerability, Hideouts, Supplies, Safety and Mobility. They then analyzed each of them and applied them to 35 Canadian cities.

In the end, St. Catharines finished in the middle of the pack – 17th out of the 35 cities. Rating each factor out of 10, the Garden City scored a 4.56 for vulnerability, 4.66 for hideouts, an 8.83 for supplies, a 5.70 for safety and 4.38 for mobility.

St. Catharines’ average score of 5.63 put it just above Halifax and Hamilton and just below Peterborough and Brantford. It also means that residents have to be faster and more mobile than slightly more than half of their neighbours.

According to, Edmonton is the safest city in Canada if the zombies attack. However, anyone who lives in St. John, New Brunswick, well, they’re pretty much zombie chow as it was the worst city to escape the undead.

For the full list of Zombieland cities, check it out HERE.

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