Study reveals human trafficking rates alarmingly high in Mississauga


A recent study conducted by Family Services of Peel and the Peel Institute on Violence Prevention has revealed that human trafficking rates in the Region of Peel are alarmingly high.

The survey was sent to 86 stakeholders.

Out of these 86 organizations, 48 were Human Trafficking service providers and 34 work for violence/abuse prevention in the Peel region. There were also three General stakeholders and one Network.

According to the study, the region has a human trafficking rate that is higher than Toronto and even the province of Ontario.

The study also outlined that the percentage increase between 2009 and 2016 = (18-12)/12= 50%.
The table above represents the year-over-year (current year over last year) percentage change in the rate of actual incidents.

"Human trafficking occurs throughout the world, including here. According to the RCMP, there have been 269 cases in Ontario since 2005 where human trafficking-specific charges were laid," said Sandra Rupnarain, director of client services for Family Services of Peel, in an interview.

"Since human trafficking is an underreported crime, the actual number of cases is likely much larger.”

The chart above, showcased in a Trafficking Presentation to Peel Regional Council, shows that the Peel Region has higher rates of human trafficking, actual incidents compared to Canada, Ontario and Toronto, especially in 2016.

In 2016, the human trafficking rate in Peel was reported as 1.14 persons per 100,000 persons, which means Peel’s rate is higher than Toronto’s at 0.79 and Ontario's rate of 1.0 persons per 100,000.

In April 2018, the Ministry of Community and Social Services approved three-year funding for Family Services of Peel to research, develop and respond to victims of human trafficking.

According to the government of Ontario, People who are most at risk of labour trafficking include newcomers to Canada, people with uncertain immigration status, people who are homeless and people who do not speak English or French.

For more information and to learn more about the signs that someone may be being trafficked, click here.

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