Study finds red and processed meat not associated with health risks


If you’ve been trying to eat healthier, you’ve undoubtedly heard that you should try to limit or completely cut out red meat.

Many people who pay close attention to nutrition and the food they eat believe red meat is associated with increased health risks.

However, researchers from McMaster and Dalhousie Universities conducted a study which systematically reviewed the available data associated with the consumption of red and processed meat and cardiometabolic and cancer outcomes-- the findings determined there wasn’t a significant connection between red and processed meat consumption and increased risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

As a result, scientists are encouraging people who enjoy eating red and processed meat to continue to do so. 

Researches said they’re aware their findings are contrary to many nutritional guidelines, but they believe the results are accurate, and will be difficult to refute due to the thoroughness with which the study was conducted.

The study was focused solely on health-related effects on people; it didn’t take into account the welfare of the livestock or the concerns with the environmental impact associated with the meat industry.

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