Study finds Gen Z most likely to return gifts


Nearly double the amount of Gen Z’s return gifts compared to Baby Boomers.

According to a recent study, 21 per cent of Gen Z’s admitted to returning some or all of their gifts, while only 11 per cent of Boomers admitted to doing so.

The survey, conducted by FedEx Express Canada, explored Canadian consumers’ habits when it came to returning or regifting presents.

According to the findings, one in six respondents admitted to returning gifts during the year.

Further, of those who return gifts, 36 per cent said they were most likely to return a gift from their mother—these numbers were even higher among men; 46 per cent of men surveyed said they would most likely return a gift from their mother.

As well, nearly a quarter of respondents—24 per cent—admitted to regifting holiday gifts in a typical year.

“Gen Zs are undeniably driving gift-return behaviours in Canada. In fact, our survey found that 52 per cent of Gen Zs have returned gifts for cashback or store credit. This generation will continue to contribute to a greater proportion of buyer control,” Lisa Lisson, FedEx Express Canada President, said in a news release.

“For Canadian businesses, incorporating an effective returns solution is critical to ensuring positive customer experiences,” she continued.

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