Streetsville at Night inTop5!

Published January 9, 2012 at 4:22 am


Streetsville, also known as the village in the city, reminds me of a much smaller version of downtown Toronto.  My friends and I practically live and hang out there on the weekends, because it is so local, it makes us all feel at home no matter what, and, of course, there is always something to do.  It has been around for as long as we can remember, as well as having evolved since its establishment. It is a friendly town with great people and an amazing nightlife.  No wonder it’s so favoured by many! As much as I enjoy what Streetsville has to offer during the day, I personally enjoy what’s always in store for us at night.  If you’re young like me and enjoy having a good time with your closest friends, then Streetsville is the place where you definitely need to be.  So if you’re ever in town, I recommend checking out these amazing places:

Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub — By the time the clock hits 11pm, this place gets jam-packed! You’ll come across a much older crowd of people, however, the staff is really nice, there’s entertainment, a dance floor, a spacious outdoor patio and great service.      

The Cock and Pheasant — This is a pub where all the young adults go to for a night of drinking and fun, as it is quite popular.  It’s also a lot smaller than most pubs in Streetsville.  So prepare to be a good sport, as you’ll most likely be waiting in line to get inside.

The Franklin House — One of the oldest pubs in Streetsville! This is one of my favourites, for there’s two floors and a bar in each floor.  Upstairs, you’ll find a spacious outdoor patio and lounge, as well as a band playing.  Drinks are a tad pricey; however, it’s worth it! 

Osmow’s Grill — The only food place that’s open during the wee hours of the night with the best shawarmas.  Their prices are fairly reasonable and range from $5-$10.  I guarantee that you will never see this place empty, for everyone comes here after his or her night out at the pub.  The food is delicious, fast and fresh.  What more can I say?   

Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlour — Day or night, there’s never really been a specific time to splurge or indulge in your favourite flavour of ice cream! The ice cream parlour has been around for 20 years, and although it may be no Baskin Robbins, it’s most certainly favoured and loved by almost every individual in Mississauga – and growing each year.  Murphy’s takes the time to provide freshly handmade ice cream everyday to each and every one of us.   

Let us know what else you recommend.

  1. Cuchulainns Irish Pub
  2. Cock & Pheasant
  3. The Franklin House
  4. Osmow's Grill
  5. Murphy's Ice Cream Parlor
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