“Starter Kits” for 5 Neighbourhoods in Mississauga

Published October 20, 2015 at 3:56 pm


So you have just moved to one of the many neighborhoods in Mississauga and you need to blend into the local scene.  Look no further, as I have compiled the top five starter kit to fit in in Mississauga. 

City Centre Condos

So you just moved into one of the thousands of condos around Square One and now it’s time to fit in. Forget everything you think you know about fashion and start following soccer. Hit up either In2sports or Golazo to pick up some of the latest fashions and get a gallon of Aqua Di Gio to look the part. 

5 and 10

You’ve decided that living in Cooksville (more specifically, Dundas and Hurontario) is the correct life move for you at the moment. Well, you better start living as the locals do and start dressing the part. No more driving, no bags at the grocery store, giant hoodies and headphones it is! 

Mississauga Road

You finally saved up those dollars, hit it big in the lottery or were born into wealth. Whatever the case may be, you have fists full of money and you are ready to move on up to the mean streets of Mississauga Rd.  Well, first off, you are rockin’ a Benz. As for your neighbors, they’re either new money from Dubai or old money like Shane McMahon and the mean street posse. 

Port Credit

Looks like you need to be on the water in Port Credit.  You better start jogging, because everyone in Port Credit seems to jog at ungodly times. You also have to dress like you navigate a boat. At night, you will have to deal with drunken idiots while they stumble up your street to get a halibut burrito at 2 am.  


You have just discovered a burning need to move to Meadowvale. The sleepy streets have somehow drawn you in. This part of the city has its fair share of rental units and most restaurants represent some sort of ethic food. Much of the media has unfortunately been focused on a minority of angry “Old Stock Canadians” (as Mr. Harper would say) that want to dedicate their hate to a new mosque being built in the area.


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