St. Catharines woman seeing challenges to her fellow from others on Bachelor in Paradise Canada


Published November 18, 2021 at 9:33 am

St. Catharines woman, Lisa Mancini, has shifted from being the centre of attention to a bemused spectator as Bachelor in Paradise Canada progresses on through the 2021 summer most of us have forgotten as the air chills daily.

That doesn’t mean her life at Camp Paradise in a secluded day camp somewhere in northern Ontario has gotten any less dramatic. Reality shows like this simply don’t allow that to happen. It’s boring TV if it does.

It’s more than the drama around her provided by a few ongoing, now bickering couples is getting heightened for reality TV effect. And, yes, it’s entertaining even for our local Ms. Mancini as she gets to provide her own unique colour commentary.

To recap, after the first few episodes of her spinning her wheels solo while others were coupling up, a ridiculously handsome fellow (hint: they’re ALL staggeringly attractive people that in real life would never be gathered in one place), Josh from Vancouver, came strolling in along the beach and after a couple missteps, he and Lisa found each other.

They are comfortable with each other, genuinely enjoy each other’s company as he seems to revel in her outspoken but endearing quirkiness. So, of course, there have to be obstacles or else, well, as mentioned… boring TV.

So bring on Episode Six where she finds herself yet again watching her west coast dreamboat walk off on a date with a newcomer. Unlike some of the other women, who are literally having emotional meltdowns because an inbound lady with a date card asked out their partner (or looked at their partner or is breathing the same air as their partner), Miss Lisa seems to take it in stride as possibly the only one who’s apparently aware of how this game is played.

(She was a contestant on The Bachelor Canada Season Three, lasting about halfway through so hardly a rookie.)

“I’m not shocked at all (women) are pulling Josh for dates. He’s one of the only guys making the effort to be friendly,” she smiled. “Honestly, it makes him more attractive.”

Enter stage left Iva from Calgary. She asks John out, he politely agrees… and then things get weird. Five minutes into their date, which involves a circus-style trapeze, she tells the camera, “I’m 100 per cent smitten with him.” (Really?)

A couple more minutes in, she tells the camera, “It does sound like her had a connection here (with Lisa) so we have to take care of that.” (Whaaaa?) Now whether this side of her is being played up by producers or if she just that flat-out coocoo-for-cocoa-puffs is anyone’s guess.

But wait, it gets worse. After sharing a quick kiss, she says, “So when we go back, are you going to make out with her?” He hesitates for a second. “You can’t! I’ll be so pissed!” (Cue siren sound.)

Talking to the camera, the affable Josh notes, “She’s a my way or the highway kind of person. (Pause) Actually, it’s just her way.”

Regardless, when they return from the date, it’s apparent he can’t bolt away fast enough, quickly apprising Ms Lisa of his date’s… weird possessive side. What does it all mean? Just this. True to form, Episode Seven is going to be entertaining.

Bachelor In Paradise Canada airs Sunday Nights on CityTV at 8 pm.

(Photos from the courtesy of Good Human Productions and Facebook)

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