St. Catharines woman checks out of camp on Bachelor in Paradise Canada – but it’s not over yet


Published December 8, 2021 at 11:49 am

Well, St. Catharines woman Lisa Mancini finally checked out of Camp Paradise… but it isn’t over just yet.

In Episode Nine of Bachelor in Paradise Canada, our Garden City full-time cosplayer parted ways with newly-found beau, Connor from Toronto, but perhaps their story is quite done.

Further to that, the final episode is coming up on Sunday (December 12) where the producers bring back all the competitors from the course of the TV show’s 10-week run and that’s when all the behind-the-scenes dirt gets dished. When you find out who said what to whom.

But a rose ceremony near the beginning of the episode saw six couples make it through to the end, including the Queen of the Squirrels Lisa (who, yes, does have pet squirrels) and her buff blond fellow, Connor, the civil engineer/firefighter-in-training from Toronto.

But with just six confirmed couples left standing, show host Jesse Jones came in with a tempting offer. The six pairs were each offered a night in a Fantasy Suite. Now when the American version does the show, their Fantasy Suites are actually in some opulent Mexican hotel.

The Canadian version of the suite is a little more, well, maple syrup and flannel pajamas – a secluded cabin at Camp Paradise, which is allegedly on Lake Couchiching in the Orillia area. (Though to any Canadian who’s camped in a tent, a cabin with a roof would be considered luxury.)

And what happens in a Fantasy Suite? For the first time, couples aren’t micced up with cameras trailing their every move. So if couples are thus inclined, it’s a, well, boom-boom room. Or at the very least, a chance to talk privately.

Lisa and Connor were the first couple trailed by the crew for their reaction on that one last night of privacy. That decision was preceded by a fair bit of exposition on the journey by Garden City Lisa.

“I never thought I would see myself near the end of Paradise. Every day felt like an uphill battle,” she confessed to the camera. “I’m seriously shocked how the whole thing turned out for me.”

Talking to Connor, she gave credit where credit was due. “I started here hopeful but I had a lot of drama and it never felt right. Then you came in and it was so instant (the connection), so comfortable. The moment you came in, it felt like Paradise started for me.”

Then came to issue of the privacy cabin on the final night of Camp Paradise. Connor confessed, “There are a lot of implications tied to it and added pressure.” Added Lisa quickly: “And assumptions.”

They quickly decided to give it a pass with him noting, “Just because camp is over doesn’t mean we can’t figure it out outside of camp.” (Indeed, they’re only apart by an hour and change on the QEW.)

So with that, they went home – seemingly separately but it’ll be curious to see if that’s the direction we’re being lured by producers. In fact, his last words to her? “See you soon.”

So all will be revealed in the final episode, usually entitled “Behind The Rose” in the American version and it’s the one where all the dirt is spilled. On all the couples.

Bachelor In Paradise Canada airs Sunday Nights on CityTV at 8 pm.

(Stills from Episode 9 courtesy of Good Human Productions)

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