St. Catharines university limits on-campus students until January 31


Published December 17, 2021 at 12:03 pm

Brock University Interim President Lynn Wells. Photo: Brock University

Hot on the heels of Niagara College making a similar announcement the day before, Brock University interim president Lynn Wells announced last night (December 16) that a large number of their course were switching back to online class modules, rather than in person, until at least January 28.

“Brock will move to online course delivery for the beginning of the Winter Term to enable students, staff and faculty to receive their booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine,” said Wells. “On-campus classes are planned to resume on January 31, 2022.”

As for upcoming exams, there were two possible options, she suggested.

“On-campus exams for the Fall Term will be cancelled or will move to alternative modes of delivery as of 5 pm on December 16.”

And, just as Niagara College did, she let students know that the December 31 return date was not carved in stone – that the university would be reassessing it between now and then as the region buckled down for the incoming highly-contagious Omicron variant, which has recently hit Niagara.

“The date for return to on-campus work, including any existing hybrid working arrangement, will be assessed in the coming weeks based on the public health situation,” Wells said. “This measure will limit the number of employees on campus to those who are required to work on site for operational reasons and minimize traffic in the hallways, stairs, and elevators.”

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