St Catharines university going above and beyond with disinfectant strategy

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Published August 16, 2021 at 8:46 pm


With Brock University slated to open for fully-vaccinated students on September 7, students and faculty must suspect that classroom cleaning and disinfection protocols are going to be high.

But from the sound of it, the St Catharines university cleaning staff will be on a whole different level altogether.

While they will be using the basic disinfectant-cleaner to wipe surfaces, they will then use an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer that adds a second layer of protection.

“The electrostatic technology is amazing because it adds a charge to the disinfectant droplets so they adhere to hard surfaces,” Brock’s Manager of Custodial Services Jay Ismailovic told the campus newspaper, The Brock News.

“The disinfectant particles attach like a magnet to all surfaces and objects in the room. Within two minutes, any viruses are killed.”

A number of hotel chains around the world, including Marriott International, are using precisely the same technology in their guest rooms.

Students and faculty will also notice some changes in the hallway and washroom.

Custodial Services has installed 260 wall-mounted and free-standing hand sanitizers, which will contain a foaming alcohol-based antimicrobial soap with 62 per cent ethyl alcohol, throughout the campus.

As well, 360 paper towel dispensers have also been installed in all University washrooms while all hand dryers have been disconnected.

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