St. Catharines to purchase truck with roll-off flat deck system


Published May 3, 2023 at 1:04 pm

This is what a truck with a Kargo King roll-off flat deck system looks like. That ramp allows equipment to drive onto the back of a truck for transportation.

St. Catharines has okayed the purchase of a truck chassis equipped with a Kargo King roll-off flat deck

The roll-off flat deck allows for smaller equipment, such as a smaller backhoe called a skid steer (see below) to drive onto the truck so it can be transported elsewhere.

While the roll-off flat deck will cost the city $186,071, the problem is the equipment, like many things, is seeing shortages in the global supply chain and if St. Catharines were to run it through the usual competitive sourcing process, Jim Thompson the city’s Manager of Equipment Maintenance said it could be a two year wait.

To that end, his department sourced the roll-off truck from a supplier in Mississauga – Drive Products – that can deliver the roll-off truck immediately.

To offset the cost, Equipment Maintenance staff found two pieces of equipment “that were due for replacement this year which still have useful life and replacement can be safely deferred until 2024.”

“By delaying the replacement of this equipment, there will be no net financial impact to the current year budget.”

Long story short, so that there were no fiscal bumps in the 2023 operations budget, the department will simply earmark those two pieces of equipment – a JCB 3CX-14 Backhoe and a Ford F-550 Dump Truck with a combined value of $270,000 – until next year’s budget, even though their replacement has already been approved for 2023.

The Kargo King roll-off flat deck system is used to get skid steers, shown here, onto the back of a truck for transportation.

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