St. Catharines ranks on Canada’s most polite cities list but also high on the swearing list


Published August 18, 2023 at 9:57 am

St. Catharines seems to be something of an enigma, according to the latest poll from Preply, ranking high among Canada’s most polite cities but also scoring high on the Swear Jar list.

On top of that, the Garden City ranks equally high on the Apology Scale, making the city somewhat puzzling. The residents are polite… but they swear… but they also say “sorry” a lot? The city with 135,600 residents would appear to be a mass of contradictions.

Preply, an international language tutor website, surveyed over 1,518 Canadian residents in 44 cities across Canada and asked them how often they see common rude behaviors, how often they swear, and what they think of the stereotype that Canadians are polite.

St. Catharines ranked seventh on the Most Polite Canadian Cities, simply by having one of the lowest rudeness scores. Travellers may wish to avoid Vaughan as it claimed the rudest city in the country title.

Preply explained how they calculated a city’s rudeness score. “Along with revealing which of Canada’s cities had the best and worst manners, we wanted to find out the most common rude behaviors across the whole country. Our results showed that paying too much attention to your phone is the most prevalent, and Vaughan was the worst offender for this behavior.”

Among the other behaviour considered rude: being noisy in public, not letting traffic merge, not slowing down near pedestrians, and not picking up doggy doo.

When it came to Swear Jar cities, St. Catharines landed sixth with residents uttering an average of 12 curse words a day.

However, it would appear that many in St. Catharines try to make up for all the cussing as the city also finished sixth with an average of 12 apologies a day – perhaps one per curse word?

“To determine which cities in Canada swear and apologize the most, we asked respondents (1,518 Canadian residents in 44 cities) how often they use foul language each day and how often they apologize/say sorry. With the resulting data, we have calculated a daily average number.”


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