St. Catharines ranked 24th in Canada for new business startups


Published October 4, 2022 at 12:39 pm

St. Catharines was listed at 24th in the Top-40 business startup communities in Canada.

When a business website,, ranked the best cities and towns to establish a business startup, St. Catharines was on the list.

Now granted, that list was world-wide but it also broke down the Top-40 places in Canada and St. Catharines was close to the middle at 24th.

In the world, that ranked the Garden City at 706th out of 1,000 but keep in mind, that’s the entire planet.

Not surprisingly, there were some big names on that list ahead of St. Catharines, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary but that’s to be expected. is, in itself, s a Montreal-based startup, and they wanted to know what are the best cities in Canada to develop a startup. This rankings they used were based on three main sets of criteria : quality, quantity and business environment.

They themselves were impressed with how well Canada as a country ranked, despite on having 0.5 per cent of the world’s total population.

“Canada appears to be fourth, just behind the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel,” the company said. “This means Canada is ahead of countries such as France, Germany or China.”

As well, they also discovered that in the Canadian rankings, exactly half of the locations were in Ontario, meaning 20 of the 40 were from this province. The next closest were BC and Alberta with four cities/towns each.

The link to the study can be found HERE

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